Two Months into 2016


Two months into 2016 and our industry is about to experience a very active year in many respects. Issues we will be hearing about include rent control, REAP, sub-metering, lead-based paint, Section 8, and comfort animals.

It is hard to repeat the same message, but this bears repeating - if you know owners, landlords or management companies who are not members, please remind them that AACSC, YOUR Association, is the only one that has a full-time lobbyist. This means that we are aware of the very latest attempts to change how you can operate your properties. Too many times I run into very informed individuals who tell me that they are a member – that is until I ask them if the organization they are associated with lobbies bills on their behalf. At that point, I get that dear-in-the-headlights look. It matters to AACSC that we have the best when it comes to protecting your property rights and it should matter to you, too. There is one perfect thing about quality – it never goes out of style. Broken record? Yes, and I will keep on repeating this message because it is too important to miss. Just look at your investment and what it means to you, your family and how you want to protect it. Help us by referring new owners and staying alert to our communication.

What is new in 2016? We have already begun to streamline our communications to you with one weekly email update that tells you what is happening: classes, meetings, events and legal issues. We have added an education email on Thursday as well so you can easily plan your education calendar. But when you see a Red Alert email, we encourage you to look, read and act. A Red Alert email means that legislation that will affect you needs immediate attention. Often times the Red Alert is time sensitive so be aware when you see it and be ready to take action if required.

As you look through the magazine, we encourage you to communicate with us about what you would like to see, read about or learn. We are committed to making the Apartment Journal your go-to source for all things multifamily.

We are always looking for those of you who would like to get more involved at the Association. It is a great way to meet others in your industry who can either provide a service to you or who, in turn, might need your service. Make sure to join us every month for our membership meetings, too. We are going to change this up a bit this year so we hope you will come and experience the new AACSC in 2016.