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November 2016


By the time you read this we are either about to vote for a new President, or we have a new President! Either way, change is coming!

Some may not be pleased with the out come, while others may be overjoyed. No matter what your stance is on the election, believe it or not, we need to be thankful—thankful that we live in a country where we can voice our opinions and vote our conscience; thankful for freedoms that were made possible by those who have defended this great country—our Veterans.

This election year has been like no other in history.

As I mentioned, change is coming! Some of the proposed changes will be welcomed, while others will offer great challenges. We can choose to embrace change, argue against it, or simply settle on the fact that we will need to figure out how to work those changes in.

The same is true for AACSC as we look to the future.

First, we must be thankful for changes that were made and for the changes yet to come—thankful to you, our members, for your continuous and valued support for this Association. It is through our members that we were able to make changes and improvements to strengthen AACSC in 2016. It was through your ideas, requests and interest that we are able to offer you the best programs in the rental housing industry. From educational programs, numerous committees, monthly meetings and extensive legislative involvement, AACSC has been able to promote and protect your investment! We look forward to 2017 with all of the changes and opportunities that will certainly be coming!

Secondly, we must thank our AACSC Board members. These individuals have unselfishly given of their time to support and improve this Association. Throughout 2016 they have supported us, lead us, taught us and looked out for our best interests in the rental housing industry. Thank you AACSC Board!

Last, but absolutely not the least, let’s not forget to thank all of those who have supported us personally and professionally throughout the year. In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes forget to thank family and friends for their support. We may take them for granted, not meaning to. Here’s where we make the change! If you, like me, have made this mistake, let’s make the change and remember to be thankful and to express it. If I haven’t communicated this to you, the change starts now! Thank you to all who have supported this Association and me personally. You are all so important to me, and I am grateful to each of you!

So, during this season of change and thanksgiving, let’s embrace the changes that are coming, embrace our freedoms, and never forget to thank those who have made it all possible—our Veterans. For your service and dedication to our country, we are thankful!

Organized and Effective


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year and share with you what AACSC has done and what I’ve done as President of the Board to help our members and protect our property rights.

Let’s start with political efforts both statewide and local. As usual, there were well over 100 bills introduced in State government that would have negatively affected our industry.

They were fought with a tremendous degree of success through the efforts of both our lobbyist Ron Kingston and through personal appeals to individual Assembly Members by your Board. I personally met with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Assembly Members Patrick O’Donnell, Ian Calderon, David Hadley and others to press our case. Our State Legislative Committee and our Political Action Committee (PAC) were beefed up this year and we are better organized and more effective than ever before.

On the local level, our Executive Director Johanna Cunningham, your Board and I meet on a regular basis with all of the Long Beach City Council and have worked very hard to help them understand the negative impact our industry faces with initiatives like Just Cause Eviction, REAP and Rent Control. To date, these efforts have helped convince the Council that it is in nobody’s best interest to consider these measures.

There were two projects I worked on this year that have improved our member benefits and experience. First, we’ve made several changes to our membership meetings including more legal updates and a different seating arrangement design to make it easier for us to get to know one another better and share our ideas. Finally, we added snacks to keep those stomachs from growling.

The second project was to deliver completely updated, user-friendly forms. This project had been talked about for several years, but I made sure it happened this year. The new forms, by the way, are fantastic thanks to a lot of effort by Board member Vicki Abe.

Another of my missions this year was to reach out to the large property owners and managers in Long Beach to get them more engaged in our efforts to defend our property rights. I’m happy to report that several new large property owners are getting involved. I’m confident we will be able to do an even better job for you with their help. Of course there are many things we do that you will never see such as our constant planning, strategizing, organizing and structuring that happens on a daily basis; these combined efforts of our great, dedicated staff and Board are helping to improve and protect your rental business. For that we can all give thanks and carry on.

2015 Rental Property Owners’ Guide to California’s New Laws and Regulations


2015 marked another successful legislative year for the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities. Our lobbying team, California Political Consulting Group (CalPCG), identified and tracked over 148 rental property-related legislative bills out of 2,772 total bills that were introduced in the California Legislature.

Among the bills we tracked, only about a third were considered “top priority” bills. Top priority bills are those that have the potential to immediately impact landlords or the residential rental property industry in some significant way.


New 2016 AACSC Board President Installation


Steve Schiro
2016 AACSC Board President

We invite you to the installation of the new AACSC 2016 Board President, Steve Schiro, on January 29th at the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach.



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