Executive Director's Update

October 2017


It’s October and I can’t believe that there are only 86 shopping days left until Christmas. Of course, this does not include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other forms of holiday celebration. In the end, I love all the holidays—from Halloween to Thanks - giving to Christmas. Whether it is created by Hallmark Cards, made up to celebrate chocolate, our Administrative Assistants, grandparents, etc., I find joy in the celebration and reminder that there are so many things to be grateful for and that we should not take anything for granted. So enjoy the beginning of Fall and all the upcoming holidays.

Now on to some more pressing news. An update this month:

  • At the direction of the Los Angeles County Supervisors, staff have not yet returned with their report on Tenant Protections. Until this happens, a workgroup will not be able to be formed. Will keep you advised of any progress.
  • Legislature is on holiday recess until the first of the year. At this writing, the Governor still has an opportunity to sign bills and veto, so we will update you on this next month.
  • Tenant rights groups are beginning to protest at our Management Companies. Be aware as they may come anytime and are wearing black masks (that may change as well). These groups are hosting community training sessions to teach them how to be a community rights advocate.
  • Rent Control continues to ramp up and while things appear to be relatively quite right now, we also know that there is a continued push to take this Statewide.

At the Association, I need to give a BIG THANK YOU to the AACSC staff for making the Trade Show a GREAT success this year. Jeannie helped us up the ante on the look, Tom brought us over 30 NEW vendors. Our Board Members really stepped up and helped us meet and greet members, en courage new members to join us in our fight against Rent Control, and our PAC Trustees shared with everyone who came by about the value and benefit of contributing to the PAC. Sophia, Donna, Rachael, Oliver and Terri did everything else in our AACSC booth and as usual we enjoyed seeing all of you!

September 2017


Ijust have one question this month? When did the beginning of school change from the day AFTER Labor Day to the end of August? And in Northern California in some districts, school started the end of July. My kids are back in school and as I watched the partial eclipse pass overhead I am now waiting for the end of summer cool down to take the place of the hot summer days. I enjoyed summer this year and spent some wonderful days with my family at the beach, but as with most parents, I am glad to have them back in school. Before I move on though I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of you who once again prove to me that you actually read my article and respond to my requests. Why the thank you?

Because you have been talking to your fellow owners who are NOT members and sending them our way and we greatly appreciate it. Now keep it coming, keep talking and keep up the vigilance to fight our way, peacefully, to a place where our legislators and elected representatives really understand that Rent Control, Just Cause and any other form of control is not in the best interest for our industry or for our tenants.

Not only does any form of control fail to keep rents low, but did you know that almost 40 percent of costs are connected to maintenance fees? That is a staggering amount to consider but according to you, our members, this is the number that was shared with me. The rundown on these expenses includes interior, business related, exterior, landscape, regular maintenance, repairs andturnover expenses. It does not include the time it takes to fix and prepare for a new tenant, nor does it apply to any advertising expense. The average owner has between four to ten units and most rely on this as their retirement income. Hardly the lavish lifestyle our adversaries want to imply.

Next up, the Legislature recently returned from their summer break in August and AACSC is hearing that before the end of the year there will likely be an Affordable Housing bill that will be proposed. What that bill will look like should be seen shortly and we will more than likely be sending out a Red Alert for Action—so keep up with our weekly e-newsletter, The Beacon, and keep sending nonmember owners to us for membership.

On a more immediate front is the decision by our Los Angeles Supervisors to form a Task Force to study Affordable Housing and for staff to come back with some suggestions for solutions. We will keep you updated on this as well but needless to say, things are heating up and we need you to stay involved.

Finally, what a blast we had at our Annual Summer Social at the Hotel Maya. Great music, lots of fun and the food—yum, yum. Thank you to our sponsors who ALWAYS support our events. We look forward to seeing you September 28 at our Trade Show, and we hope you will join us for our Awards Breakfast, too. You don’t have to nominate someone to attend. Your attendance is a great way to support all of the staff members who support our industry. So start your day off with friends, show our employees how much you appreciate them and then enjoy a day at the Trade Show. Attend our free seminars and learn all about the new and innovative products and services available to you and our industry.

August 2017


Are you ready? It will be here before you know it. What is it—you might ask? Well, two things are on my mind this month — our NEW location within the Long Beach Convention Center for the 22nd Annual Saluting Our Stars Awards Breakfast and the 49th Annual Trade Show. What is so special about the NEW location? You will have to attend to find out, but I can tell you that AACSC is the first to host a Trade Show in this spot.

We are also looking forward to honoring the best in the industry at the Awards Breakfast. Participation is open to both members and non-members. So if you know someone in the industry and they aren’t members, be sure to let them know about the opportunity to nominate someone special for an award. We can’t wait to hand out awards to the best in the business and there is no better way to show your appreciation for all that your employees do for our industry and your business. The deadline for nominations is August 9, so be sure to turn them in on time. Please call Jeannie in our office with any questions.

In other news, AACSC has been very busy over the past month making sure that we are staying in touch with our elected officials here in Long Beach, attending a NEW meeting in Redondo Beach, hosting Optimum Seismic informational seminars around our territory on the importance of the seismic retrofitting recommendations, working on Section 8 improvements, and attending homeless summit meetings to help arrive at positive programs that will help our homeless residents.

While AACSC continues to work on many fronts every day, it is just a part of what motivates me to work hard for you, our members. Why? Because when we have a call to action, you respond; when we need your voice to be heard, you call; and whenever I need feedback, stories or input, you are always gracious and help me tell your story. But the most important reason I am so passionate about your industry is simple—it’s YOU—EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! However, the challenge that faces us now is membership. It is sometimes easy to forget that your Association is fully supported by its membership and so when there is not an immediate fire to put out, the urgency and purpose gets put by the wayside. So this month I am asking each and every one of you to make sure that it is not just you who is standing by our side, but that the owner who is next to you is a member, too.

Don’t wait until we are sending Red Alerts or emergency meeting notices to respond. I am asking each of you to bring us one new member to help boost our efforts and provide us with more members to help when the need is the greatest.

This year has been challenging and we fully expect that to continue. Without additional support we, as the saying goes, must go back to the same well to ask for help. With more members involved and informed, we will be able to make a bigger splash and show even greater impact. Shouldn’t everyone who owns multifamily property support YOUR industry? That is my wish — more members and more support so that AACSC can be even more effective.

July 2017


Happy 4th of July. Summer has certainly arrived and I hope everyone has their sunscreen, hat and a good book to read. This month I want to give out some well-deserved acknowledgements to our members. I also want to report to you just a little of what we do here on your behalf each month. The one thing we do not ever do is, as the old saying goes “Let sleeping dogs lie.” We are always vigilant and here are just a few ways and a few people who are very active on all of our behalf.

People who participate:

  • Edward Arnold – Attends almost every event I am at and more. Ed is a longtime member and owns Arnold & Associates where Tracy, his assistant has been working with him for more than 20 years. Ed is a tireless supporter of the AACSC and the apartment industry. Whatever you want to know – ASK Ed!
  • Evelyn Arnold – She is the chairperson for our AACSC PAC Trustees Committee and also a longtime owner and REALTOR with both CAR (Calif. Assoc. of REALTORS) and NAR (National Assn. of REALTORS). Evelyn helped us craft and organize our PAC Trustee Committee that supports elected officials on a local and state level who support our industry and private property rights.
  • Keith Kennedy – A property owner and insurance professional Keith’s perspective is specifically industry oriented. He has a laser focus and insight as to what is the right thing to do and follows a very balanced approach when making a decision.

I especially appreciate his willingness and openness to listen to both sides before he makes his decision. Besides, if you want to learn from a great networker, just follow Keith around a room sometime – WOW!

These are just a few that I will mention this month because believe me there are so many more, but I will save them for future articles.

Next, I want to fill you in on what we have been involved with, in and around our territory:

  • Attended Annual Sacramento AACSC & CalRHA Legislative Days –
  • We Visited with almost every elected Assemblyperson and/or Chief of Staff in the Capitol. W Held our annual Legislative Reception where more than 20 elected officials attended. This was an increase from last year—now wait until next year!
  • Held our third annual National Apartment Housing Day event – Thank you to KB Construction for sponsoring this event. This is a great day to celebrate everything owner/landlord and man age ment company related.
  • We regularly attend neighborhood meetings around the Long Beach area so we can get to know our neighbors.
  • Attended the new South Bay Commercial Real Estate Networking Group – Look for info in The Beacon for the next meeting.
  • We have met with our Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson; Councilmembers District One (D1) Lena Gonzalez, D3 Suzie Price, D4 Daryl Supernaw, D5 Stacy Mungo, D8 Al Austin, D6 Dee Andrews, D7 Roberto Uranga and D2 Jeannine Pearce to voice our concerns regarding rent control, just cause eviction and to reinforce the value that our members of rental property bring to this community.
  • AACSC created a Power Point presentation about passing the PRHIP inspection. We have three scheduled presentations that you will find in this month’s magazine.

Once again, this is just a small sample of what we have been up to. Every day AACSC is working on your behalf, whether it is attending a morning meeting with City leaders, an afternoon with legislators, or an evening reception where we can talk with numerous stakeholders. We are working hard for you.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who have responded to and written checks to our AACSC PAC. This is a direct approach that provides us with the opportunity to connect with our elected officials and continue to educate and inform the value of your great industry.

So, once again, if you know an owner who is not a member of AACSC please remember that we are the only association that extends its outreach on local, state and national levels. Lobbying and support from all levels impacts everyone – join us in continuing the fight for your property rights. Have a safe and Happy July 4th and see you around the City.

June 2017


While it was raining cats and dogs in May, I found it hard to think about the fact that it is actually Spring. Then along came the sharks off the Long Beach coast to take the place of the rain. Now, I must confess that I like sharks and have been on two shark feeding dives in Tahiti—which I enjoyed. In fact, one of my bucket list items is to dive with Great White Sharks along the Great Barrier Reef—in a cage. So, I don’t mind taking risks but there is a limit to just how far I will go.

That brings me to a different kind of shark. One that I will call the Legislative Shark. This shark has some of the same traits as those who swim in the ocean. They are slow and methodical in nature and can appear almost docile if you are not aware of their behavior, since they don’t reveal their intent until the time is right. Then, they can attack quickly, take a bite out of an innocent bystander and leave you again without any reservation only to look for another victim.

Of course my analogy is in reference to our recent success with AB 1506. Then the word of a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance that just passed in San Jose. Now AB 1506 will surface again and we need to be better prepared to fight this bill even harder. But the ordinance recently passed in San Jose is not good news for our industry and the renters rights advocates are firmly latching on to this news and hoping that more tenants will join in the fight for rent control. Are you ready to join in the fight against this yet? If not, there is no time to wait and we need to make sure that ALL of our owners/landlords are members of AACSC to help us in this effort. So if you know of owners who are not members, please make sure to let them know that AACSC is the Association to join and is the one organization that lobbies on their behalf.

AACSC is actively creating programs and making suggestions to improve and increase our visibility with the Long Beach City Council and within our surrounding territory. Be part of the change and stay aware and involved.

On another front, we are happy to report that the Redondo Beach group is going strong and adding members to their monthly networking group. If you are looking for a new group to add to your networking list, this is a great choice. They meet the first Tuesday of each month at the American Legion facility on Camino Real in Redondo Beach. I know I’ll be back and hope you will join us there.

Next, be sure to look at our Trade Show flyer and get your booth reservations in early. This is sure to be another sell out. We will once again be at the Long Beach Convention Center, but in a NEW location—the Arena, also known as the Pacific Ballroom! This is a great spot and we are excited to announce this.

We are also changing things up this year for our Annual Awards Breakfast. Along with a GREAT theme, we will be updating and professionalizing our judging criteria. Beginning this year, we will be sending out the applications for awards and the judging will NOT be in-house. EVERYONE is eligible to be nominated; yes, that means non-members, too! Be sure to fill out ALL of the information on the application as any incomplete submissions will not be accepted. I have been judging for other state award ceremonies around the country and it is a great way to show off what you are doing for the industry, so polish off your pens and get ready to show the best side of your accomplishments.

Finally, I hope that you had a safe Memorial Day weekend and we want to extend our appreciation to all of those who have sacrificed so much for our liberties. One final mention is to the family of former Long Beach Mayor Ernie Kell who passed away on April 29th. The outpouring of love for him and his family was wonderful and he will clearly be missed by so many.

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