Executive Director's Update

July 2017


Happy 4th of July. Summer has certainly arrived and I hope everyone has their sunscreen, hat and a good book to read. This month I want to give out some well-deserved acknowledgements to our members. I also want to report to you just a little of what we do here on your behalf each month. The one thing we do not ever do is, as the old saying goes “Let sleeping dogs lie.” We are always vigilant and here are just a few ways and a few people who are very active on all of our behalf.

People who participate:

  • Edward Arnold – Attends almost every event I am at and more. Ed is a longtime member and owns Arnold & Associates where Tracy, his assistant has been working with him for more than 20 years. Ed is a tireless supporter of the AACSC and the apartment industry. Whatever you want to know – ASK Ed!
  • Evelyn Arnold – She is the chairperson for our AACSC PAC Trustees Committee and also a longtime owner and REALTOR with both CAR (Calif. Assoc. of REALTORS) and NAR (National Assn. of REALTORS). Evelyn helped us craft and organize our PAC Trustee Committee that supports elected officials on a local and state level who support our industry and private property rights.
  • Keith Kennedy – A property owner and insurance professional Keith’s perspective is specifically industry oriented. He has a laser focus and insight as to what is the right thing to do and follows a very balanced approach when making a decision.

I especially appreciate his willingness and openness to listen to both sides before he makes his decision. Besides, if you want to learn from a great networker, just follow Keith around a room sometime – WOW!

These are just a few that I will mention this month because believe me there are so many more, but I will save them for future articles.

Next, I want to fill you in on what we have been involved with, in and around our territory:

  • Attended Annual Sacramento AACSC & CalRHA Legislative Days –
  • We Visited with almost every elected Assemblyperson and/or Chief of Staff in the Capitol. W Held our annual Legislative Reception where more than 20 elected officials attended. This was an increase from last year—now wait until next year!
  • Held our third annual National Apartment Housing Day event – Thank you to KB Construction for sponsoring this event. This is a great day to celebrate everything owner/landlord and man age ment company related.
  • We regularly attend neighborhood meetings around the Long Beach area so we can get to know our neighbors.
  • Attended the new South Bay Commercial Real Estate Networking Group – Look for info in The Beacon for the next meeting.
  • We have met with our Vice-Mayor Rex Richardson; Councilmembers District One (D1) Lena Gonzalez, D3 Suzie Price, D4 Daryl Supernaw, D5 Stacy Mungo, D8 Al Austin, D6 Dee Andrews, D7 Roberto Uranga and D2 Jeannine Pearce to voice our concerns regarding rent control, just cause eviction and to reinforce the value that our members of rental property bring to this community.
  • AACSC created a Power Point presentation about passing the PRHIP inspection. We have three scheduled presentations that you will find in this month’s magazine.

Once again, this is just a small sample of what we have been up to. Every day AACSC is working on your behalf, whether it is attending a morning meeting with City leaders, an afternoon with legislators, or an evening reception where we can talk with numerous stakeholders. We are working hard for you.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who have responded to and written checks to our AACSC PAC. This is a direct approach that provides us with the opportunity to connect with our elected officials and continue to educate and inform the value of your great industry.

So, once again, if you know an owner who is not a member of AACSC please remember that we are the only association that extends its outreach on local, state and national levels. Lobbying and support from all levels impacts everyone – join us in continuing the fight for your property rights. Have a safe and Happy July 4th and see you around the City.

June 2017


While it was raining cats and dogs in May, I found it hard to think about the fact that it is actually Spring. Then along came the sharks off the Long Beach coast to take the place of the rain. Now, I must confess that I like sharks and have been on two shark feeding dives in Tahiti—which I enjoyed. In fact, one of my bucket list items is to dive with Great White Sharks along the Great Barrier Reef—in a cage. So, I don’t mind taking risks but there is a limit to just how far I will go.

That brings me to a different kind of shark. One that I will call the Legislative Shark. This shark has some of the same traits as those who swim in the ocean. They are slow and methodical in nature and can appear almost docile if you are not aware of their behavior, since they don’t reveal their intent until the time is right. Then, they can attack quickly, take a bite out of an innocent bystander and leave you again without any reservation only to look for another victim.

Of course my analogy is in reference to our recent success with AB 1506. Then the word of a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance that just passed in San Jose. Now AB 1506 will surface again and we need to be better prepared to fight this bill even harder. But the ordinance recently passed in San Jose is not good news for our industry and the renters rights advocates are firmly latching on to this news and hoping that more tenants will join in the fight for rent control. Are you ready to join in the fight against this yet? If not, there is no time to wait and we need to make sure that ALL of our owners/landlords are members of AACSC to help us in this effort. So if you know of owners who are not members, please make sure to let them know that AACSC is the Association to join and is the one organization that lobbies on their behalf.

AACSC is actively creating programs and making suggestions to improve and increase our visibility with the Long Beach City Council and within our surrounding territory. Be part of the change and stay aware and involved.

On another front, we are happy to report that the Redondo Beach group is going strong and adding members to their monthly networking group. If you are looking for a new group to add to your networking list, this is a great choice. They meet the first Tuesday of each month at the American Legion facility on Camino Real in Redondo Beach. I know I’ll be back and hope you will join us there.

Next, be sure to look at our Trade Show flyer and get your booth reservations in early. This is sure to be another sell out. We will once again be at the Long Beach Convention Center, but in a NEW location—the Arena, also known as the Pacific Ballroom! This is a great spot and we are excited to announce this.

We are also changing things up this year for our Annual Awards Breakfast. Along with a GREAT theme, we will be updating and professionalizing our judging criteria. Beginning this year, we will be sending out the applications for awards and the judging will NOT be in-house. EVERYONE is eligible to be nominated; yes, that means non-members, too! Be sure to fill out ALL of the information on the application as any incomplete submissions will not be accepted. I have been judging for other state award ceremonies around the country and it is a great way to show off what you are doing for the industry, so polish off your pens and get ready to show the best side of your accomplishments.

Finally, I hope that you had a safe Memorial Day weekend and we want to extend our appreciation to all of those who have sacrificed so much for our liberties. One final mention is to the family of former Long Beach Mayor Ernie Kell who passed away on April 29th. The outpouring of love for him and his family was wonderful and he will clearly be missed by so many.

May 2017


There are a few things that are true when it comes to legislation—it is always a moving target, you never know what will pass until the vote is taken and the most important thing of all is that YOUR voices count. Each and every one of your voices counted. Case in point is AB 1506, the bill that would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act. This is a perfect example of our industry, along with the Realtors, CalRHA and all of our California partners making sure that the message regarding the oppo sition to this bill was heard. Now, this certainly does not mean that the fight is over, not by a long shot, and we will certainly see this effort again next year. So while we can take a breath that this bill was pulled for this year, let’s also take time to thank those who helped in this effort. But stay tuned—part two is still to come.

I also want to acknowledge the following members for taking their own time to attend and participate in our Sacramento Legislative visits in early April: Gary DeLong (VP and Chairperson for Statewide Legislative Committee), Steve Schiro, Curt Knabe, Keith Kennedy, Malcolm Bennett and Elaine Hutchison. Along with our other California partners, we had over 100 members who lobbied on behalf of the rental housing industry—THANK YOU!

I also want to thank Ron Kingston, our AACSC State Lobbyist, who organized and made all of our appointments, created the leave behind documents for our Legislators and provided us with the important facts and talking points to address at our meet ings. AACSC was professional and prepared — thank you Ron for making us look good.

In other news, AACSC showed support at the April 4th Long Beach City Council meeting and to Vice Mayor Rex Richardson as he proposed a few considerations to help landlords/owners who accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers. There is still work to be done on what that will ultimately look like, but AACSC was brought in to the discussion and provided much needed input and background regarding the issues that have long stifled the program. Working together we hope that we can come to some agreement on how we can work to make the program better, and we have worked hard to establish these relationships.

In a final note I want to thank all of our golfers and members who attended our 11th Annual AACSC Golf Classic. With Interval House as our charity of choice, it is always a great day on the links and a great dinner to end the day. Our vendors, golfers and members have supported this event, and each year it just gets better and better. So, hope you all had a “birdie” kind of day, were able to stay away from the “bogey”-man, and that you enjoyed the view along the way. See you next month.

April 2017


16,422 steps—that’s how many, give or take a few, that I walked on our National Apartment Association (NAA) Lobby Day. Also attending were long-time AACSC member Malcolm Bennett, our California Rental Housing Association (CalRHA) President Larry Cannizzaro, other CalRHA members and more than 3,000 multi - family housing partners from across the nation.

The goal was to reach all 535 Congressional members either in person or by leaving our materials behind with senior staff or whomever was available in their office. Of course, the day we lobbied on the Hill was that same day that the discussion to make changes in our Health Care was beginning to heat up so many were back and forth to the floor to vote or were in meetings, so we took our meetings with the members where we could—in the hall, outside Committee Rooms, walking… it didn’t matter where, but one way or the other we were going to get our message out that housing matters, that appropriate Tax Reform was indeed important and that we needed to extend Flood Insurance across the states.

If you have never been to Lobby Day, either on the National level or within your state, I will dare to say that as a multifamily housing provider it is in your best interest that you, at the very least, let your voice be heard. Yes, I said it again.

There is nothing like beginning your day early in the morning in the very crisp air of Washington D.C. and all that entails. Senators, Congressmen and women, staffers, interns, and security personnel fill the halls of the marble buildings like the Rayburn, Longworth and Canon. Once you enter that door, the world outside is left behind and your world becomes different somehow. You are there to fulfill a purpose, not for yourself, but for each of you who own property and provide housing, who are selfless in your willingness to give back to your residents and community and provide a place to live, only asking to be fairly compensated for the privilege.

You want your message to resonate with each elected member. Your goal is to say the “perfect” thing that will help them understand how important this visit is to our industry. When you leave you can only hope that you told your story in a sincere and powerful way. Yes, they “get it”—then, it is on to the next appoint ment, down the elevator and into the tunnels that connect one building to the next. By the end of the day, you are familiar with the maze of tunnels and where to find the cafeteria where you can take a little time to reflect on how the day is going. Maybe it is time to change shoes, but soon enough it is time to move on.

By the end of the day you gather together with everyone else from across the country to say “Good job,” and “How did your meetings go today;” “Great,” is the reply. Each person leaves with a sense of accomplishment, a hug for friends you made along the way and a “travel safe back home and see you at the next meeting.” But no meeting as important as the ones you just left behind.

As I said my goodbyes, I decided to walk the final leg back to the hotel. Within just a few minutes I found myself passing another group of women in red along the side of the Capitol building for Women’s Day. It reminds me that each group who visits the Hill has their own purpose, goal and message. Then I arrive at my temporary home with 16,462 steps left behind in the ongoing effort to tell our own important message.

Multifamily owners matter. I will be back next year and the year after that until I know they “get it.” I do. Until then, thanks for the memories and be sure to support your PAC—remember that there are many who are walking the halls on your behalf and that they are the front line soldiers who go to bat for those who may not be able to walk those 16,462 steps. Your contribution makes that passion to support our industry an easy walk as each year we begin again with a crisp walk into those marble halls on your behalf.

March 2017


Top of the morning to you all. It is hard to believe that we are already into our third month of 2017. By now we have learned about the legislation we will be facing this year. We also learned about the decision by the City of Santa Monica to uphold the anti-discrimination ordinance that was passed in May of 2015. This ordinance prohibits landlords from refusing to accept housing vouchers. As this plays out in the media, we can expect tenant groups to firmly latch onto the idea that they can place undue pressure on our members to accept these vouchers.

The reality is that we have many members who already accept housing vouchers, and we are working with our partners to also house veterans, mentally ill, homeless and low income. Similar ordinances already exist in Northern California: Marin County, San Francisco, Corte Madera, East Palo Alto and Woodland. This decision will have farreaching effects and if you have not been attending our Special Committee for Long Beach Legislation meetings, I highly encourage you to begin. Look at our weekly e-newsletter, The Beacon, for dates on the next meeting. We NEED your voice.

Which brings me to another topic—one about the landlord/tenant relationship. AACSC is looking for positive relationships and those who would be willing to come to the Association and talk about it.

If we leave it in the hands of our detractors, one would think that there are no positive interactions with tenants, and this is simply not true. So let’s begin to show the other side of the equation and share the upside of ownership. Call Jeannie in our office to let her know you are interested and would be willing to tell your story—we are sure there are plenty of you out there.

Another positive move is the unveiling of our NEW AACSC logo. You will be seeing the old and the new together, but we want to assure you that the only thing that will change is the addition of new events and new education classes. Our number one concern is customer service, and we know from time to time we make mistakes, but your membership and our attention to the value of your membership is our first priority.

By now you have had your 2017 Vendor Referral Sourcebook delivered, and we want you to take notice of the change that has been incorporated into this book. If you look at the bottom of the page you will notice a note that says: “Company names in blue are AACSC members.” We love our vendors and advertisers, but our emphasis are those who are members of our Association AND who are supporting our industry. We encourage you to use our members first and to let any vendor who is soliciting your business know that you prefer to use members of the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities. We also invite you to send us any testimonials you have when you use one of our members; they always appreciate the feedback and we love to share it with them, too.

In closing, have a leprechaun kind of day and I hope you find a pot of gold at the end of the month. Besafe, stay informed and get involved—it’s only YOUR investment we are protecting.

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