Executive Director's Update

August 2018


It is almost time for Trade Show and we are hot on the heels of a great event. Have you submitted your nominations for the 23rd Annual Saluting Our Stars Regional Awards Breakfast yet? This is the best time to honor maintenance staff, property managers, regionals, vendors and properties to recognize them for all the work that they do for this industry.

I want to thank the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, National Association of Residential Property Managers, Santa Barbara Rental Property Association, and the Long Beach Commercial Real Estate Council for participating in the Regional Awards event. We are expecting record nominations, but we can’t consider yours unless we receive your form and video. It’s a great way to say thank you to those who support our industry.

I also want to acknowledge and thank California Safety Agency, our Trade Show Kentucky Derby Sponsor! Their continued support over the years is greatly appreciated.

For those who attended the annual Summer Social, what a great way to enjoy the afternoon. As usual, we had great attendance and even more of you came out to meet our vendors and members at the Maya Hotel. A special thanks to our sponsors Jim’s Floor Covering, McCarthy Roofing, V&S Carpet & Cleaning, Chase Multifamily Lending, PPG Paints, and BMS CAT. We will share the pictures in next month’s Apartment Journal.

On the educational front, we are starting our second and last round for the year of the NAA Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) Certification Course this month, so be sure to sign your staff up for this important course. Individual classes can also be taken—see you there!

Another important reminder is the issue of Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and our fight to keep it firmly in place. If you have not attended a meeting about this very critical vote, please make sure you go to our website to stay informed about any upcoming meetings or information. AACSC is fighting hard on your behalf but we need every owner and operator to support this effort. This will forever devastate our industry so be sure you are educated about the negative impacts.

Here, again, are some of the important facts if the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act were to be repealed:

• If passed, all types of housing may be subject to rent control, regardless of the year built.
• If passed, all protections against onerous rent control laws will be eliminated statewide.
Property owners will be at the mercy of local government and special interest groups.
• If passed, public employee pension funds, many of which are heavily invested in apartment buildings, will decline in value and unfunded pension liabilities will increase even more.
• If passed, vacancy decontrol will be eliminated, meaning that your local lawmakers and nonelected rent control boards can limit the amount of rent you can charge to new tenants after your old tenants move out.
• If passed, rent control can apply to condominiums and single-family homes, and not just to apartments.
• If passed, many more communities throughout California will be emboldened by rent control activists and special interest groups to pass laws that will severely restrict your property rights and the rent you can charge.
• If passed, the only way to repeal or amend the initiative will be through another voter initiative. That will take years at best. Your State Legislature is powerless when it comes to amending and appealing these new burdens that will be placed on property owners.
• If passed, hundreds of millions of your tax dollars are at stake. Any court actions to challenge its constitutionality will be paid by taxpayers. That’s you!
• If passed, property values will decline as owners of rental property will incur significant losses in revenue and will no longer be able to maintain their properties resulting in neighborhood blight. Lower property values steal badly needed property tax dollars that fund our schools and first responders.
• If passed, no new affordable housing units will be created, new housing construction will decline, and construction jobs and trades servicing the apartment industry will be negatively impacted.

Don’t let this happen, stay informed and vote NO in November.

July 2018


Growing up I always looked forward to fireworks, picnics and our 4th of July neighborhood parade. Everyone from the family dog to vintage cars were dressed in red, white and blue. As the years have passed the tradition continued to grow, but with age has come experience and perspective. While I will always continue to cherish those youthful days of past, I am more inclined to reflect on the truer meaning of the 4th of July and the sacrifices that have brought us to this moment in time.

As a product of the Vietnam War era, I saw our men in uniform returning, damaged from the experience and feeling no sense of appreciation for what they went through for our country. Today is a different day, and I feel grateful and thankful for those sacrifices. I hope we are all feeling this way because it is a selfless act to defend our country. Not just for those who are deployed but for those families left behind to pray that they will return, unharmed and whole. I do my best to honor all those who serve, which is why I felt it important to support our veteran community at our recent Wine Tasting event at 4th and Olive. I hope you enjoyed your time at this event, too. Just be sure to “Thank a Veteran” on the 4th, as they are the reason we have the freedoms we have today. Be safe.

But there are more fights ahead for us, and if you have not contributed or responded to our financial request, we need you to do so today. The repeal of Costa Hawkins will not benefit the multifamily industry but will, instead, change it forever. I have said it before, this is YOUR business, so what are you waiting for? We need EVERYONE to support these efforts, so write a check today to show your support of Private Property Rights.

Let’s take a few minutes though to tell you about other upcoming events taking place this month:

Education – Be sure to check out The Beacon for the latest classes.

Events – It’s Summer Social Time on July 26.

Membership – If you have hesitated in booking your Trade Show booth you better be quick, spots are filling fast and there are NEW vendors and products this year you won’t want to miss.

Regional Awards
– This year we have added a regional perspective and included in the awards celebration this year are: the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara Rental Property Association, National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and we have added a new Commercial Real Estate Award. Submissions are via video, and you want to make sure that you and your team are recognized, so call Christine in our office and get your nominations before the deadline passes—it is going be GREAT!!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July, and we will see you at the Summer Social!

June 2018


As I opened my email to look over those things I needed to respond to, or action items to take care of throughout my day, I stumbled upon the news of the passing of Governor George Deukmejian. It is hard not to reflect on a person of his stature and his lovely wife Gloria. I was fortunate during the time he was Governor to meet him on several occasions. He was a kind and gracious man. Gloria and George were married for over 60 years, a rarity in today’s world and you could see the love they had for each other simply by looking at them. I also had occasion to meet and talk with Gloria in Sacramento at Junior League events while he was in office and she was just as warm and welcoming as he.

It is not often you get to meet people like George and Gloria, and I feel honored that I had that opportunity. I wish Gloria and his family the peace and solace they need during their time of grief and healing. He is one of those rare individuals that will truly be missed.

As we enter June, the wait is on for the outcome of the Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance. However, as was announced in mid-May we know that the repeal of Costa-Hawkins fight will be on the November ballot, so there is still another fight to be waged. AACSC would like to thank all of our members who are contributing to help fight for your rights. If you have not contributed yet, please hesitate no longer; your industry is under attack and we need every bit of assistance you can give to this cause. As such, I keep asking the question, what happened to the “Private” in Private Property Rights? Now is the time to keep the pressure on and make sure that your rights are protected, and AACSC is working every day to make sure that we are doing all we can to fight this fight. Come alongside and help us win this battle.

On a lighter note, I hope that you are all keeping up to date with The Beacon, our weekly e-newsletter, because we have added some NEW events, namely the June 27 Wine Tasting at 4th & Olive at 5:00 p.m. If you haven’t been there yet, this is an excellent chance to experience some great food and wine.

This unique restaurant is owned and operated by Veterans, and everyone who works there is a Vetso come out and support the event. An added treat is that the owners are sommeliers (that’s someone who is a Ph.D. of wine), and you just might learn a thing or two about wine while networking with others in your industry. Seating is limited so call today to make your reservations.

Be sure to check out our calendar to stay up to date on all the events and start to think about who you would like to nominate for our 23rd Annual Saluting Our Stars Awards—there will be a new format this year, so dust off your cameras. We are going digital and looking for videos this year as your submission process. More info to come on this.

See you at 4th & Olive on June 27th, and as my 13 year old daughter would say, “Be a Nice Human This Month.”

May 2018


I have to begin by thanking all of the Sponsors for participating in our 12th Annual Golf Classic. As usual, it was a lot of fun and it is also important to note that while we were all enjoying a great day on the course, you were also supporting our charity, Interval House. Special thanks to Optimum Seismic for stepping in as our Title Sponsor.

This last month has proven to be all about the Long Beach rent control ordinance, and along with that issue came many questions. I will share two frequent questions with you. The first question concerns selling your properties. While this is ultimately a personnel decision, I think part of the answer should consider just how long you intend to be in the multifamily industry. Long Beach is undergoing a big change with lots of new development, units and restructuring of old buildings to new destination sites. It bears repeating that location matters and that investing in the future will always be cyclical.

My other observation is that this new development will bring in new businesses with employees who also need housing. Change is not easy, but it is going to happen whether you want it or not. The question becomes how much change is too much?

How quickly do you want to act, and might you be acting too quickly? I would suggest that collaboration and thoughtful discussion would better serve what is being proposed. I know just how hard you all work and how much empathy and passion you have for your tenants. I hear it every day, and as I have said to many of you when you ask me the tough questions—like what should I do?—take a very deep breath and hope the crystal ball of the future works its magic.

I believe that Long Beach is going to thrive, regardless of the outcome. This is a community with deep roots, and I choose to be optimistic in order to create a more positive outcome for all involved in spite of those who have chosen not to communicate. I believe I said it last month, but Private Property Rights are called that for a reason.

In other news, I hope we will be seeing you at the next Lunch With Southern Cities on May 8 at The Grand, and make sure you mark your calendar to attend NAA’s Apartmentalize Conference in San Diego in June—it will be here before you know it. There is education galore to choose from, and it is a great way to educate your staff. It was here five years ago, and this year is slated to be even better than the last time around. There are still a few spots left as a volunteer, and you get 50 percent off the cost of the conference when you choose to volunteer. It is great fun and you get to talk to people from all over the country. Look to The Beacon e-newsletter for the link; the hotels are filling fast!

April 2018


Unless you live under a rock, and I highly doubt you could not have heard it there too, we have all heard about the Rent Control ordinance that is being circulated around Long Beach AND the Statewide Rent Control issue that continues to threaten the repeal of Costa­Hawkins. I want to thank all of you who have called to ask questions. Neither of these issues are good for our industry-this includes our tenants. As such, I encourage you to take time to get informed and educate yourself on what could be in store if this passes. NOW is the time to get involved. If you have not renewed or joined AACSC, I encourage you to do so TODAY.

Nevertheless, we want you to know that AACSC is fully engaged at all levels. We are working with Realtors, CAA, PacWest and SPOA and will continue to do so on your behalf. Your voices will be heard and AACSC is involved.

There is no more time to sit on the sidelines-the time in NOW and AACSC is the right Association that has the only local, statewide and national connec­tions as we fight to protect your property rights.

Now, let's move on to the 12th Annual AACSC Golf Tournament. If you have not already secured your spot, I would highly recommend that you contact us today. We are looking forward to another sell out and a great day on the links. Of course I want to thank our sponsors for their continuing support of this great event. This is a terrific way to thank your best customers, talk with potential new customers or use it as a way to thank your business partners, staff or just have a great day on the links. I am waiting for your call.
Finally, last year we held an Apartment Repair & Maintenance Series of classes that was extremely well-received and we are having another one this year (see page 40). You don't want to miss this series of four classes and the best part about it is that it is a "hands on" course. So if you have crew who like to hammer, bang, build or fix stuff-this is the series of classes for them and we guarantee they will all walk away with information they can use on your properties. Besides, it is a great way to relieve stress. The classes can also be taken individually.

Finally, April is time to talk about all the NEW laws that are being considered for 2018 so we look forward to making sure that you stay informed. To that end, we will be updating you each month as we find out more information. For now, we are encou­raging you to contribute to the PAC so that we can effectively fight the rent control ordinance here in Long Beach. Don't forget to read our weekly e­newsletter, The Beacon, to learn about all the educational classes we have scheduled and see you this month at Sea Cliff Country Club for a day of golf. Even if you don't golf, you can attend to bid on all the great auction items and end the day with a great din­ner with friends. Either way, we want you there!

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