Long Beach 2015 Smoke Free Apartment Results



In August 2015, the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Education Program completed a telephone survey to determine the number of smoke free apartments in the City. This survey was a follow up to the 2008 Smoke Free Apartment survey.

The Situation:

With over half of Long Beach residential units situated within multi-housing structures (i.e. apartments and condos) the issue of drifting smoke in apartments is of great concern. Since 2007, the Long Beach Health Department has received numerous complaints from tenants suffering from drifting smoke in their apartments; for this reason, the Tobacco Education Program works to provide apartment owners and managers the resources they need to implement a smoke free apartment policy.

The Facts:

Smoke Free Apartments provide many benefits for owners as well as real health benefits for tenants.


  • Rental properties without a smoke-free policy incur an average of $4,935 in smoking related costs per year
  • Cigarettes are the #1 cause of residential fire deaths, some insurance companies may provide a discount for smoke free properties
  • Smoke Free policies protect tenants from the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke


Additional Survey Findings


  1. 73% of owners with a smoke free policy have not had difficulty enforcing their smoke-free policy
  2. 69% of participants without a smoke free policy expressed interest in converting their buildings to smoke free
  3. The #1 reason owners/property managers gave for not having a smoke free policy was that they hadn’t thought about it or did not have any issues with smoking at their complex


Click image below to download survey results.

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