Summer is my favorite time of year. Barbeques with my family, time at the beach watching my kids build the perfect sand castle, surfing, playing with whomever happens to be around and, of course, getting an ice cream creation from the ice cream truck that is always just around the corner as you leave the beach. You can’t miss it with the music blaring to make sure that everyone on the shoreline knows they are there to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is a great time to make memories and forget about leaky faucets, the drought and the next job on your “to-do list”.
So, as we march solidly into August nights, I just want to say Thank You to everyone who continues to support our efforts with small and large amounts, and those who contributed time and helped us gather together on the Habitability Ordinance. For those of you who gave up a few nights to sit in the audience as the ordinance was passed, Thank YOU!

I was impressed with the integrity, compassion and professional demeanor that was shown to our City and to the Council Members. I want each of you who contributed to this cause to know that not only did your assistance go to help educate and impact the outcome, but, that AACSC was, on several occasions, acknowledged and called out as an example of how to handle a potentially contentious issue with dignity and respect. We peacefully and respectfully called attention to the fact that multi-family owners and landlords are proud of their industry. YOU provide housing to workers, mothers, fathers, men, women, our youth, servicemen and servicewomen. YOU are proud of and want to take care of your properties. That is the message we took to our City Council members and now is our time to continue to move in the direction of collaboration. To continue the message and the work we started and to find more ways to contribute to our City and our industry. So, THANK YOU – ALL OF YOU.

Our work is still not done – there is more that we will need your help with so please continue to help us as we build a new purpose, a way for you to get to know your legislators. Get ready to come and meet them, tell them your story and continue to help us create a strong PAC (Political Action Committee). This was only the beginning and you started by answering our request to help, now help us continue this important work.
Closer to home though is our 47th Annual Trade Show. If you haven’t heard all that is new, then keep reading! Have we got NEWS for YOU! Let’s begin:
This new event is not to be missed. Everything from Fair Housing (Certification), Bed Bugs, Unlocking Social Media, Habitability and Landlords (Right of Entry), Asbestos and Lead (What You Need To Know), Mold (Remediation, Testing and Prevention), Sexual Harassment (Certification), Jury Trials (It’s Getting Worse - Learn What to Do), 7 Steps to a More Profitable & Peaceful Rental Property, and The Best Leasing Stuff Just Got Better.

You will get the BEST Instructors, AWESOME Discount Pricing ONE DAY ONLY so don’t miss it.

Then, if you have ever wanted to ASK AN ATTORNEY a question for FREE (and who wouldn’t), join us for lunch to get your questions answered.

Choose from morning or afternoon seminar sessions, or maybe two! Check out the website for pricing and details, space is limited so sign up EARLY and bring along a friend – Pricing like this won’t last long.

Thursday, September 24 - Awards Breakfast, FREE Seminars, and the 47th Annual Trade Show

The Industry Awards Breakfast is better than ever and all the good stuff is back! You asked for it and we are delivering a GREAT Morning Celebration. Complete with an awesome meal in the Seaside Ballroom (because you deserve to be celebrated in STYLE). Everyone will get recognized up front and pictures taken with your fellow nominees (just say CHEESE!). So, hit the website and make sure you recognize your hard-working peers and staff – because they deserve a break(fast) today.

Then, join us upstairs for the 47th Annual Trade Show with all the FREE Seminars – and they are not your garden variety seminars, but information you can use. FREE drawings will be going on all day long, membership specials (but you have to be there to find out what they are).

Finally, don’t forget to reserve your table or seat for the Southern California Industry Economic Forecast Panel Lunch. We are honored to host Keynote Speaker Dr. John Husing, one of the most highly regarded research economists named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the 100 Most Powerful People in Southern California. Thank you Jim’s Flooring for sponsoring Dr. Husing. It will take place in the beautiful Seaside Ballroom and then we will be joined by our Panel of Experts from Downtown Long Beach Associates, and a few special guest to answer all your questions. You don’t want to miss out on what’s coming in 2016.

Finally, Congratulations CAM GRADUATES!!! YOU DID IT!!! Only one more stop – the Test. If you would like to study together then join your classmates for a special study session on Tuesday, August 18, from 6:00pm-8:00pm to refresh and get ready for the exam. We want to do everything we can to help you succeed. See you in the Education Center for a great study and prep session!

Be sure to check our website and Facebook for all the latest information. We update it all the time, so stay informed and we will see you online and

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