The Memories You Create


December is a special time for my family, so I thought it appropriate to share one of the special things we do every year. In every family it seems there are traditions that create memories. When I was little, all the neighborhood kids and our families would walk around the neighborhood and sing Christmas carols. There was always hot chocolate in a thermos, and we would end the night at home sitting in front of the fireplace. I have never forgotten how special and unique that time in my life was for me. My mother and I cherished that time together, so I wanted to create a special memory for my kids, too.

Every year my kids, husband and I make hot chocolate (or go to Starbucks to get some), and we pick a neighborhood to visit to see all the different light displays. There are so many opportunities to see so many different versions, as well as all the creativity, time and thought that goes into each of these displays. Some neighborhoods create a story, and then as you drive to the next neighborhood each home is decorated differently. But the one thing that holds them all together is the attention to detail. Each home offers a unique experience to others that helps create a memory for my family. So, thank you to all of you who put your time into creating something special for all of us.

Another tradition is putting up our tree. You see, my husband is the one who decorates it, and the only thing we can do is hand him the ornament and offer a suggestion or two as to where we would like it hung. Now, this is not as strict as it may seem, because there is a back story to this event. When my husband was little, his mom was the ornament hanger and the kids were the ones who watched her very carefully and thoughtfully hang all the ornaments on their tree. So for the last, almost 30 years, I have decorated the house (however, I do let my kids help), and we all gather around to hand dad the ornaments and “help” him decorate the tree.

While we have created other traditions, the last one I will share with you is our annual ornament selection. Every year we purchase our annual representation of the year. If it was a special trip or event, we try our best to get an ornament that will remind us of what happened that year. We have now started the kids on this path, and they get to pick their own ornament so they can begin to build their own ornament collection that will hold many memories for them when they begin to decorate their own homes, with their own families.

Much has happened this year at AACSC, and I am creating our own tree tradition with my family here. Each member will pick an ornament to share, and for each year, we will create a memory tree to represent our time together. No matter how you celebrate or honor this time of year, it is the memories you create that will count. I look forward to next year and continuing what we have started to build here, and I hope more of you will get involved and help us create an even stronger Association. I welcome your creativity, suggestions and time to help AACSC become the strong est possible representation we can have for the multifamily industry. With your help, we will soar.

Finally, I wish each of you a safe, healthy and blessed holiday time with family and friends. I hope you will create a memory, and I want to thank you for including me in your family tree. So come by to see our tree. I invite you to add an ornament, along with a memory (and I might even let you hang the ornament yourself, if I think you areplacing it in the right spot).

From my family to yours,

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