A Time For Thanks Giving


At last, it is starting to feel like Fall — that time of the year where we here in Canada and the United States pause to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. We should also give thanks for the many freedoms and opportunities that our nation’s founders established. They provided us with a system for our country where we are free to pursue our goals and dreams, to become our best, to own our own property, and to direct our representative’s actions.

So let’s all give thanks first to our families and friends for their love and support.

Let’s not forget to thank our Veterans for their service toward defending our freedoms.

We are also thankful to all the volunteers who have agreed to serve in leadership positions on your Board of Directors, as mem bers of various committees, as teachers and trainers for our many educational classes, and to assist our Association in so many other ways. A special thanks goes out to our returning Directors who will be serving on the Board for 2015: Lucille Aresco-Crowley, Ed Arnold, Evelyn Arnold, Denise Arre dondo, Lorrie Baldwin, Malcolm Bennett, Paul Bonner, Mike Brassard, Todd Brisco, Carol Chen, Kirk Davey, Terry Geiling, Clive Graham, Elaine Hutchison, Mark Kach i gan, Curt Knabe, John McGoff, Paulo Menezes, Kari Negri, Spencer Pabst, Steve Schiro, Burt Sirota, Ramer Spurr, Brad Ward, Leonardo Wilborn and Kurt Wood. And welcome to our new Directors for 2015: Gary DeLong, Robb DeNaranjo, Adriana Mittal, Michael Pollack, Steve Shaw and Roger Sonnenfeld.

We also are thankful to all the wonderful vendor members of our Product Services Council, and to our Management Service Council members. Their support for your Association is crucial to our being able to properly and effectively provide the needed and desired programs, services and expertise that help you to properly manage and maintain your rental properties.

We are especially thankful to our office staff: Johanna Cunningham (Executive Director), Diane Dagestino (Executive Assistant), Tom Heller (Sales Manager), Scott Huntley (Membership Coordinator), Oliver JohnBaptiste (Education Coordinator), Sophia Ramirez (Accounting), Alicia Rodriguez (Receptionist/Customer Service Rep), Terri Shea (Operations Manager), Rachael Shipman (Customer Ser vice Rep), Donna Thrall (Director of Finance), and Luci West (Accounting), for their dedicated efforts this past year to maintain the professional and top quality service we have all come to expect.

Thanks must also be given to our Industry Award recipients who were honored at this year’s Expo. Please see their pictures (along with photos from our wonderful Expo) elsewhere in this month’s edition.

And finally, thanks goes out to all of you, the members of our Association! It is membership renewal time and without your continued support, and especially your contributions to our Political Action Committee, we could not provide the vigilant oversight of legislation and legislators to support your right to conduct your business.

Thank YOU!!

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