A Time To Be Prepared


Fall has arrived and hopefully soon it will feel like it. First and foremost, I want to congratulate all of you who participated in our annual Expo and Trade Show at the Long Beach Convention Center, and hope that any of you who were not able to attend will make it a point to be there next year.

What a great line up of speakers and presentations we had. Starting the morning off was our annual Industry Awards Breakfast. Congratulations to all who were nominated and especially to the award winners. You all are the best and well deserved to be honored. A few photos are included in this issue, but many more will be in next month’s magazine. Look for your pictures!

This year we had a sold out special luncheon with our keynote address delivered by Dr. Lucy Jones, noted earthquake authority from Cal Tech, and a panel of experts talking about how to prepare for the coming earthquake and other natural disasters. In addition, a special thanks goes out to our featured luncheon sponsor, Blue Can, providers of emergency drinking water with a 50-year shelf life.

The Trade Show vendors were wonderful, with lots of good emergency preparation ideas, from risk management, to retro fits, to recovery, and everything in between. Please show your appreciation to these fine folks who are here to support your businesses and properties.

We continue in this issue to focus on your preparation for disaster. Please be sure to read the article by George O’Hara on insurance and earthquake preparedness. As owners and operators of rental housing, we have a duty to our tenants (customers) to provide them with safe and well-maintained homes, even in the event of a disaster.

Be prepared!

And being prepared also means doing our business in accordance with all the laws and regulations. This past legislative session saw many new laws proposed and adopted that affect how we operate. We also, with your great help, were able to defeat and/or amend a number of pro posed laws that would have adversely hampered your ability to do business. Next month we will have a detailed sum mary of changes in the law. Be sure to look for that report from our lobbyist Ron Kingston.

Last, but not least, we all need to prepare ourselves with knowledge. Since it is “back to school” time, we are offering a number of outstanding classes and seminars this Fall. Please sign up, so that you can “keep up” with the latest information.

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