The Changing of Seasons


The changing of seasons, the falling of the leaves and a time to reflect on the summer just passed. Oh, and the Trade Show—what a summer it has been, and I cannot thank our members enough for attending and supporting AACSC at our 46th Annual Trade Show on September 18 at the Long Beach Convention Center. From our Industry Awards Breakfast, to our Earthquake Strategy Luncheon, the Trade Show was a huge success.

In fact, I received calls the following day from vendors who said that the attendees who came to visit their booths were great prospects, and three of them got business within the first few days following the event. AACSC could not be happier for them and those are the comments we love to hear. So, congratulations and remember to follow up on all those leads.

As for the Earthquake Strategy Luncheon with Dr. Lucy Jones, we could not have had a better Keynote Speaker and panel. I have to thank the following panel members: Deputy City Manager, Reginald Harrison; CERT Program Manager and Fire Fighter, Jake Heflin; Author of the Red Guide to Recovery, Sean Scott; MHP Structural Engineer, Ken O’Dell; American Red Cross, Guillermo Sanchez; Yanev Associates–Disaster Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Alex Yanev. Each of these experts brought a different perspective, and we are still receiving compliments and thanks for the information and insight presented on this very important issue.

We were also pleased and surprised when the Long Beach Fire Chief, Mike DuRee stopped by to say a few words to our audience. As it turns out, we were a little unsure whether two of our panel members would even be able to attend the lunch when the Long Beach Airport had to respond to an emergency landing situation. But, in the end they arrived and everyone on board the flight was safe. So, thank you to Chief DuRee for stopping by to say hello.

Next month we will be recognizing all of our Industry Award winners and nominees, and will include a multitude of pictures that were taken throughout the day at all of the Trade Show events. So don’t miss opening the magazine in November. Be sure to also take a look at our success on the Legislative front. Our Political Action Committee (PAC) has been hard at work and, with your help, we have defeated SB 411 and it is dead—for now.

Here is a brief synopsis of what it included:

SB 411 is dead. The bill would have:

  • Prohibited landlords from turning off water service for any reason, including repairs;
  • Denied landlords from evicting tenants who fail to pay their own water bills;
  • Required landlords to pay fines assessed against tenants who violated water waste and overuse rules imposed by water suppliers; and
  • Allowed tenants to intentionally delay the payment of their water bill.

This have been a very active Legislative session and we thank our PAC Committee members as well as our Lobbyist, Ron Kingston, for all he does to help protect our industry.

Finally, as we move into the Fall season I want to remind you that membership renewals for AACSC will be sent out soon. Be sure to renew early and invite a fellow owner to join as well. One thing is for sure, even though one legislative bill dies, there are many more that will replace that bill. It can be rewritten, changed, and modified in a variety of different ways. It is up to us to make sure that we are staying alert and aware of how these bills can affect ownership.

AACSC is working for YOU every day to make sure that our owners, landlords and the multifamily industry does not get caught off guard. Your participation and commitment are paramount to keeping our industry safe from harmful legislation.

Look for more great articles this month and be safe on Halloween. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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