Approaching the Future with Optimism


It is in my nature to be optimistic — to look at an issue and try to figure out how we can improve it, package it differently or create some excitement around it. Oddly enough that’s how I feel about legislation and the job our Political Action Committee (PAC) is doing. The Legislation Committee has been hard at work for our Association over the past few months and I, for one, am grateful for their time and dedication.

Here is but a small sample of what they have been doing:

• Interviewed 14 candidates in all City Council districts
• Attended fundraisers
• Interviewed candidates for Mayor’s race
• Traveled to Sacramento for Legislative Day with our partner associations – This event alone took a total of three days of their time from business
• Continue to stay in touch with ongoing legislation, sharing Red Alerts, writing to our representatives to share their views and how it will impact our industry.

For all they do, I want to make sure that they know their time and dedication is appreciated. So, on behalf of our membership, THANK YOU!!!

Elaine Hutchison, PAC Co Chair
Evelyn Arnold, PAC Co-Chair
Malcolm Bennett, NAA Delegate and Federal PAC Chair
Curt Knabe, NAA PAC Representative
Clive Graham, President
Paul Bonner
Spencer Pabst
Lorrie Baldwin
Kari Negri
David Henseler

What is Next on our Events Calendar?

• July 31st is the Summer Social, so mark your calendars and make sure you join us at the lovely Hotel Maya where we will also be celebrating AACSC’s 90th Birthday! We will have a beautiful birthday cake, great music, yummy food and of course—YOU!! Last year this event was a huge success, and we are already taking reservations to attend this year, too. So don’t miss out on the fun.

• August 19th is the MSC/PSC Lunch at the Long Beach Yacht Club

• September 18th is the Rock ’n Roll Trade Show, and you don’t want to miss it. This year is going to be very special, and we have a Rockin’ line up of speakers and topics for you, so secure your booth as we have already sold almost 30 percent of our booths. Secure your spot and be sure to nominate your best and brightest for the Saluting Our Stars Breakfast. This year we will be introducing anonymous ballots, so keep your eye out for the form—YOU might be the winner!!!

• Be sure to look at our updated Education Calendar as there is a lot going on, NEW classes, more Hot Topics and two new start dates for our Property Management (PM 101, PM 102) course and only one more Certified Property Management (CAM) course.

Another Success

One last word has to do with a success that deserves to be addressed—the defeat of AB 2405 (Ammiano)—it died in the Assembly.

This bill would have added a new and compelling reason for tenants to legally challenge any landlord that seeks to go out of business. The As sembly Judiciary refused to approve Ammiano’s bill that could have forced landlords to:

• Pay tenants many thousands of dollars for new relocation payments and tenants’ legal costs
• Run up their legal costs in order to go out of business; and

• Settle unreasonable demands from tenants (agreeing to waive the payment of months of rent)

As you can clearly read, it would have negatively impacted our industry in the thousands of dollars and we thank you, our members, for responding to our Red Alert, but we must also thank Ron Kingston, our Lobbyist, for writing and voicing such compelling arguments that helped to get this bill defeated.

There is still much to do, and we look forward to keeping you up to speed on what is happening at the Association and, as always, we invite you to get active and help us grow.

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