Spring is in the Air


Spring is in the air, and I know I should be happy about it, but it is hard to look beyond the fact that we are in a severe drought situation. In fact, the drought, our community, and how we all should be responding have been on my mind for the better part of the past two months. So, what should we do? At a recent conference in Washington D.C., I looked around at all the snow and thought, “Hmm, if there was just some way to get all this snow back to California.” Well, after I woke up and realized that there was no chance of that happening, I realized that there was something the Association could do—educate and inform. So, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about all the pro grams, rebates, conservation tips, ways to save money and get professional tips from the leading water, designer and conserva tion experts! So MARK YOUR Calendar for April 22 to attend our half-day Water Conference— WATER: Don’t Take It for Granted to get all the latest news! We already have spots filled and there is limited capacity, so get your reservations in early!

In other news, I wanted to provide you with an update on my recent trip to Washington D.C. with the National Apartment Association (NAA) and the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC). There is nothing in my experience that is as compelling as a lobby trip to our nation’s capital. It is the one sure way to get fully informed and motivated to see how our government works and reinforces for me, every time I go, that our process and our voices are necessary, heard and needed. I have to also acknowledge Curt Knabe and Malcolm Bennett for representing our Association and our industry. Malcolm was instrumental in scheduling Congresswoman Maxine Waters as a speaker at our lunchtime session. She was inspiring to hear and really understands our position and supports our industry— now let’s continue to support her efforts, too.

On this trip I took time to ask questions of our representatives and senior staff to see if the information we provide them is what they need in order to make informed and educated decisions. I was able to talk to four individuals who all resoundingly said YES! This is exactly what we need to hear. I was directly told that without our voice, much of the information we shared would not be represented on the floor during discussions. One extremely compelling fact was the division between all mortgage loans and the carving out of multifamily loans. Did you know that in the multi-housing sector, less than one percent of the loans went into default? That is an amazing statistic and one our industry should be proud of. The fact of the matter is that when I brought this number to the attention of the member and/or senior staff member, they were also impressed and unaware of this statistic. This information, along with other numbers and facts, are the reasons why we defend property owners here at AACSC. So please, don’t for one minute think or believe that your PAC dollars are not working for you, because WE ARE working for you and for your industry.

I was proud to represent our members during this trip and only hope that you will also get involved. Be sure to thank Malcolm and Curt the next time you see them, as they take their personal time to attend these conferences.

So, with spring on its way, I hope you have a great month, and don’t forget to get your taxes done! See you at one of many local events— it’s time to get involved!

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