A Time for Love


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air and here at AACSC — that means we love you, our members, and are working hard to earn your love by providing you with the best services and products available to assist you in the ownership and operation of your rental properties.

One of the best ways we can assist you in your business is by providing you with the most comprehensive education and training available. There are a number of new laws affecting rental properties that have just taken effect. You need to prepare for them now. Our live, inclassroom education programs are up and running. From basic property operation classes for the new owner, to fullfeatured classes leading to the national certification, CAM—Certified Apartment Manager, for the individual who wants to advance professionally in this industry, to specialty training in such areas as Fair Housing or Sexual Harassment Prevention, we have the classes you want and need. In addition, because of membership in the National Apartment Association, you can take many classes online from the convenience of your home on your own schedule, through their website (www.naahq.org). Try it, you’ll love it.

Another updated and enhanced product, which we know you will love and you should have just received, is our 2014 Vendor Referral Sourcebook & Legislative Guide. This revised Sourcebook lists the very best in product and service providers to assist you. Refer to it often when you need to find suppliers in everything from accounting to welding. It also provides contact information for all levels of government in our region.

It’s also time to love our planet. We all know that we in Southern California are living in a desert. This year especially, our statewide long-term drought has become an emergency. Please conserve water and show your residents that you love them and the planet by helping your residents to cut back on their water usage. Provide them with the physical ability to reduce their water usage by changing out the faucets, showerheads, and toilets to lowflow models. Provide your residents information on ways to conserve water.

Often your water utility will provide information sheets or newsletters with tips and tricks. Pass those on to your residents to keep them informed of the need to conserve water. Shortly AACSC will be offering water conservation classes to improve your knowledge in this vital area—watch for information about our March 27 Membership Meeting at the Petroleum Club.

Finally, we love you. We love helping you. We love providing you with the tools and assistance to make your business easier nd more successful.

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