Welcome to 2014


Welcome to 2014!

First of all I have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AACSC — LOOKIN’ GOOD FOR 90!

Yep, AACSC is 90 years old. So, what will you do this year that will be memorable? How can you LOOK GOOD in 2014? I will start off the year with one of my favorite quotes:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

For many, it might be to finish a project started years ago, start writing the next great novel, or maybe it is to simply get healthy. Whatever your goal, I challenge you to begin this year with a positive attitude and grateful approach to life.

But my goals this year are simple:

  • To build value here at AACSC so that you not only see the difference, but you feel the difference in how we respect and appreciate you, our members;
  • To continue defending against policies, adverse bills and legislation that will negatively affect property rights and landlords; and
  • To educate and build up our industry to the level it deserves.

Another consideration for the year ahead could also be to come up with three words that will define this year. I thought of the following:

  • Approach
  • Execution
  • Attitude

Let’s begin with my first word — Approach.

While each of the words is important, I want to take each one apart and unpack it to be clear about how this word will affect projects, tasks or events. So, to begin this
2014 journey, I will “approach” whatever is before me with a positive attitude. Now, I tend to be optimistic by nature, so this might not be a far-reaching goal, but there is a difference when you actively approach each day as a positive opportunity. Let’s face it, some days are more difficult than others, no matter how one approaches life.

The next word is Execution. I should also add—and completion. There are many projects that have a date of execution attached to them, but rarely do we include a completion date. For many, that is the real test of how we perform.

Finally, there is Attitude. I have a simple formula for this, and it is to decide how you want to end each day. If your attitude about the events of the day affect family and friends in a negative way, then you need to shift how you are approaching the execution of your daily experience. Hmmm, did you see how I linked those words all into a daily plan? Pretty clever don’t ya think?

On a more practical note, I do have an example of how this works. On January 2 as I was leaving to come to work from San Diego, I walked to my car, which was in our garage. When we opened the garage door, we discovered that someone had broken in and had stolen my husband’s $4,000 road bike—a bike that he really wanted and one he loved to ride. My initial reaction was one of feeling violated; then I was mad. But what turned it all around for me was that my daughter was standing there with me, and I did not want her to feel any fear about safety. She said to me once we were on the road that she had never had anything stolen before and it was kind of scary. Here was my
opportunity—how would my attitude affect my little girl? So, with my own feelings about this event at the forefront of my mind, I decided that I would approach it this way: “There are two kinds of people who steal. The first sort does not care about others and what does or does not belong to them. The second is someone who might be in a position where they feel this is the only way they can survive. Maybe they can’t find a job, or they are feeling worthless or depressed and this is what they have turned to. But more important is the fact that whatever they steal is only stuff. We, our family, are safe. We can replace stuff, but, I can’t replace you.”

As I begin this New Year, I can reflect on what happened and approach, execute and apply a grateful attitude for what is ahead. I hope you will do the same. So here are some things the staff and I hope you will take advantage of in 2014:

  • Look at all the educational opportunities we have, with more to come! This is a GREAT year to get your Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) designation. We only have a few spaces left for our first class, so call us today to get signed up!
  • Get involved on a committee. There are lots of great ways to help and learn about everything we do here.
  • If you are NOT using our credit check services, you can get signed up and also take advantage of our counseling services.
  • Don’t forget about the Membership Lunch With Southern Cities on the 21st of January. We will be highlighting some of the new laws for 2014— always a crowd pleaser!
  • Finally, attend our events!! We LOVE meeting you and showing you how much we appreciate you. Offering timely education topics and lively speakers, it is also a way to remain informed and find out more about how we are supporting you every day of the year.

No matter how you begin your year, thank you for your trust and for renewing your membership. We look forward to working with you and getting to know you. Don’t forget to look for the NEW 2014 Vendor Referral Guide coming out soon. Use it often, and remember to purchase extra copies for your resident managers, apartment managers and other key personnel. We have some exciting things coming your way, and you don’t want to miss them. Talk to you next month!!

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