November Update


As we move through November and get used to the time change, I am reminded of just how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of California. I am also feeling very energized as I become more comfortable as your Executive Director. I have been warmly welcomed by the Board of Directors, the community, the staff and our membership. If you missed the last membership
meeting at the Petroleum Club, we voted in our 2014 Board Members and received some valuable information regarding all of our legislative successes in 2013 from our Lobbyist, Ron Kingston. I would hate to even guess at what could have happened to property rights if we had not had Ron
fighting for us.

An important note that we do not want you to miss is the change taking place regarding the smoke detector requirements. We will be addressing this issue in more detail in the December Apartment Journal so make sure you look for this
article from Mike Brennan. It is clear to me in the short time that I have been here that AACSC has two critical parts that are required for any team: passion for the organization and
collaboration with our community partners. Both of these parts are evident, and I hope you will be as excited as I am as we
improve upon the relationships already established and how we will raise the level of professionalism within our industry as we move into 2014 and beyond.

However, using collaboration to build upon a solid platform is not limited to staff alone. Collaboration takes a team, and as you will see in the coming months, I am asking our membership to re-engage and help us elevate, educate and move our association and members beyond the status quo. There is an old saying, that information is king. That could not be truer for our industry, and the more I read about all the potential roadblocks for property owners, the more evident it is that our members need to remain informed and collaborative. So, my first
question to you is this: How much do you know regarding the following issues? Water meters, jury trials, smoke detectors, landscaping reimbursement — do any of these issues ring a bell? Are you going to update your building and understand all the requirements or restrictions?

Someone, who shall remain nameless, said to me the other day that they do not believe they need to participate or contribute to our PAC (Political Action Committee), or know what is going on in Sacramento. Changes will happen with or without them. YEP! You are correct, they will happen, but my mother always told me that if something happens that you don’t like and you did not get involved in changing, educating or proposing an alternative, you don’t get to complain about it after the fact. In the short period of time that I have been your Executive Director I know this to be true — ignorance does not change what you don’t want to happen, it just makes the outcome more painful when you realize that you “should have” cared earlier in the process.

My 13 year old son, Joshua, continues to learn this lesson, but it continues to be a process. He begins his school year thinking, and telling himself, that he is up to speed on all his homework. We, as loving parents, want to believe him, so we don’t check out his story every night but choose to believe him because we want it to be true (silly parents, right?). Then the first test comes home, and, oops, not such a good score. Next thing he knows, computer time, game time and free time get severely limited and we go into homework and nightly checking mode until grades improve. He learns that he should have completed the work when it was assigned, that he can’t go back and make up for what he did not do, and that there are consequences when you don’t take ac count ability for your assignments.

Well, I think you get my drift. With all the economic issues and budget crises surrounding us, it should not be surprising that property owners, apartment owners and landlords are getting targeted or put in positions that will keep them from renting,refurbishing or updating without some sort of tax or fee attached. So, how can you offset this? GET INVOLVED! Support YOUR Association so that you remain informed, and when we send out notices that ask you to call or send a letter, understand that we are doing it to help you. What is the outcome? Well, we are helping you keep money in your pockets, not the government’s. So, thank you to those who are contributing to our Political Action Fund (PAC), and for those of you who have not yet supported the PAC, I hope you will reconsider and realize that when you contribute to the PAC, what you are really doing is supporting yourself, your property and your industry.

On a lighter note, be sure to attend one of our many member events in 2014. These events are fun, sure, but they are also a great way to network with other members, vendors and uncover the amazing value that our members add to this Association. One such member is Virginia Ball, whom I met at the last membership meeting. She, or “we”, as she kept telling me, is offering training in the Whittier area and has been doing so for quite some time. I also uncovered that Spencer Pabst of Pabst, Kinney & Associates has been a frequent speaker at these events and helps to offset printing costs. Thank you Virginia and Spencer for keeping our apartment owners involved, and AACSC is looking forward to working with you more in 2014. Look for our monthly
calendar for ALL of our upcoming education events, and if you would like to help us by becoming a speaker, please let us know. We are always looking for talented members who want to get involved. That, of course, leads nicely into my next invitation. We would like to invite you to be part of our Golf Committee and Trade Show Committee. This next year we are going to include some pretty exciting changes, and we want YOU to
be involved. Whether you just want to help out at the event, have some ideas you would like to share, or sit on the committee, we would love to have you as part of the event.

Here are some of the dates you should save:

Holiday Party for the Membership
– December 5th, Long Beach Yacht Club.
Bring a toy (value $20 or more) to benefit Interval House.

Golf Tournament – April 7th, Sea Cliff Country Club. Sponsorships are going fast so call Tom to reserve your spot.

Trade Show – September 18th, Long Beach Convention Center. This year will be different,
interactive and a NOT TO BE MISSED EVENT (just a hint of what’s coming).

Whether you are serving on a committee, contributing to the PAC (and now you know why), attending an event, sponsoring a lunch or just reading and staying informed, the common denominator is YOU. The key to our success is YOU and YOU are the reason we will elevate our Association image and purpose. Collaboration and working as a team is an amazing process that gleans great success. I hope to see you at our Holiday Party, and please come up and say hello.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

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