Looking Back At 2012


In a few short weeks the holidays will be upon us and then, before you know it, we will be starting a brand new year. Before we pop the champagne corks and celebrate, let's take a few moments to look back at 2012. We can all give a sigh of relief that the year of high vacancies, low rents (and even sometimes the lowering of rents) and growing expenses is now hopefully behind us. While it is necessary to cut back on expenses in tight times, there is at least one expenditure that can actually save you money and help you survive the tight times. That is, of course, your Apartment Association, California Southern Cities dues.

These dues give you access to a whole team of professionals as well as experienced volunteers-all organized by your Apartment Association. We know that in order for you to stay ahead of your competition, you need to sharpen your skills and upgrade the qualifications of your staff. To help you do that, your Apartment Association conducts classes that keep you up to speed on Fair Housing regulations, it runs workshops on building maintenance skills and it conducts seminars on effective property management.

Other key members of your Association team are our legislative analyst in Sacramento and the legislative committee of our Board of Directors. Together they track State and local legislation as well as proposed fees and restrictions. In this last year alone, their efforts helped us kill a huge number of anti-landlord bills. By eliminating an expensive fire fee proposal, our local volunteers saved many of you enough money to more than pay for your Apartment Association dues.

Our Lunch with Southern Cities program combines a relaxing lunch with a chance to mix with other property owners and managers while having the opportunity to get advice from legal experts, tech savvy professionals and knowledgeable marketing experts. These lunches along with our monthly membership meetings can keep you current on ways to increase your skills, reduce your expenses and avoid costly management mistakes.

While we conduct classes and seminars for you, your Apartment Association team also puts together the valuable Source Book, prepares useful columns in the Official California Apartment Journal and provides phone answers to your many questions.

But wait, there's more. Offering fast and inex pensive credit checks, access to insurance programs, signs, books and up-todate forms and contracts are just a few of the many additional benefits you get when you renew your Apartment Association membership.

Besides all of the money-saving features that the Apartment Association staff and volunteers provide, they also work hard to put on some fun events. The casino tables were a key addition to the Party With the Ponies event, a first class dinner and a long table full of auction items made our Golf Tournament one of the best ever and the annual Trade Show sets a standard in the community for a great way to see new products and services, hear knowledgeable speakers and recognize the local leaders of our industry.

Add all of those benefits together and you quickly see that membership in the Apartment Association, California Southern Cities is one of the best investments you can make.

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