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As 2011 comes to an end and your holiday bills and taxes are stacking up on your desk, I ask you NOT to forget to send in your Apartment Association dues renewal. It is the best insurance protection you have for your assets.

More than 50 anti-landlord bills were introduced this year in Sacramento—more than ANY year since California became a state in 1850. Next year's Legislative Session already appears to be worse.

Through the efforts of our Advocate, Ron Kingston, our professional staff and our committed Board of Directors, we defeated each of these bills. Had these bills passed, you would be facing statewide rent control, mandated payment of water bills for each tenant, loss of control over tenant signs on the roof and exterior walls of your building and more.

Because the government at all levels— city, county, state and federal—is broke, nearly every piece of legislation is filled with fees, fines, penalties and over regulation. Had the water bill SB 744 passed, you—NOT the plumbers or sealers— would have been subject to criminal sanctions if a water submeter failed in your building.

Just five of the onerous bills we defeated in Sacramento, saved each one of our members more than $3,300 (see the chart below). And, please remember that there were more than 51 bills we stopped that are not included in this chart.

This fall, we ended a two-year battle against fire inspection fees in Long Beach. Depending on the size of your building, your savings on this fee is $47 to $134.

If your properties are in the City of Los Angeles, you benefitted from the hard work of our coalition with AAGLA and the realtors when the L.A. Housing Department wanted to stop your 3 percent "guaranteed" annual rent raises.


Don't Be Confused

I know that you receive solicitations from other apartment associations but I ask you to remember our name, The Apartment Association, California Southern Cities; we are not AOA. We have been your Apartment Association for nearly 88 years.

  • We protect you from onerous state legislation.
    The other Association does not.
  • We wage battles locally on proposed fees.
    The other Association does not.
  • We are a non-profit, with a board of directors who are landlords—like you!
    The other Association is a for profit company owned by a single individual.
  • We saved you more than $5,000 in fees this year.
    What did the other organization do for you

If you sent your dues to AOA by mistake this year, AOA will refund your money if you call

Anyone can call themselves an apartment association, but we are the only one who fights battles to protect YOU and YOUR PROPERTY.

Questions? Call (562) 426-8341

It is imperative that you renew your dues today so that we can continue the good fight

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