Thank You For The Wonderful Partnership


I want to take this opportunity to thank you—our members—for the wonderful partnership we have had this year. Our political battles have been legion, and your messages, texts, faxes and calls to legislators have buoyed up the efforts of the Association.

We have defeated a record number of onerous pieces of legislation at the local and state level

I thank Elaine Hutchison, Evelyn Arnold, Todd Brisco, Malcolm Bennett, Michael Brennan, Carol Chen, Clive Graham, Allen Wood, Bill Moseley, Lorrie Baldwin, Bruce Menke, Kari Negri and Spencer Pabst for their untiring efforts on our legislative committee.

The PAC (political action committee) supported legislative efforts by contributing to candidates with a pro business and pro real estate background. Thanks to our PAC trustees: Ed Arnold, Evelyn Arnold, Malcolm Bennett, Carol Chen, Clive Graham, Elaine Hutchison, Bob Luskin and Leonardo Wilborn.

Our Fifth Annual Golf Tournament at SeaCliff Country Club was a fabulous day on the links thanks to our Committee Chairs Ed Arnold and Bill Moseley. Our sponsors deserve a round of applause, too.

And, our Trade Show proved its position as "best expo" in California thanks to all of our exhibitors, seminar speakers, volunteers and attendees—YOU! Thanks for supporting the Association.

I would also like to take my hat off to a dedicated and committed staff who worked hard and experienced cutbacks due to the economy. Thank you for making the Association shine! My gratitude to Nancy Ahlswede, Larry Ahlswede, Diane Dagestino, Lisa Fricke, Tom Heller, Scott Huntley, Diane Jenkins, Oliver John Baptiste, Terri Shea and Luci West.

You will soon receive the SourceBook which is the largest and best reference guide we have ever published. I know you will use it daily. Many thanks to our advertisers and supporters.

Please accept my heartfelt wishes for a very Happy New Year!

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