43rd Annual Expo - A Sellout!


On Tuesday, September 20th, all resources for property owners will come together at the Long Beach Convention Center for the 43rd Annual Trade Show and Seminars.

Free Admission
More than 150 vendors of products and services for the rental housing industry will be exhibiting for your one-stop shopping experience! In this day of high gasoline costs it is fabulous for us owners that we can go to one location and price/quality compare all products—from landscaping and restoration services to the new array of paint colors and flooring types.

Free Expert Advice

This year we also will present legal and financial experts, bankers and insurance companies to help you manage your portfolio of properties.

Free Seminars

There will be twelve dynamic seminars and workshops taught by experts in their fields. These presenters will bring you interpretation of new laws and policies that affect your property (and could cause you a fine if not followed!)

Radio host and attorney, Dennis Block, will be on the schedule to teach, amuse and intrigue owners with the latest legal solutions to property management problems.

Does the new carbon monoxide bill affect you today? Do you need to water submeter your buildings? How do you handle a tenant who smokes medicinal marijuana and your other tenants are complaining?

These questions and more will be answered by a number of expert attorneys and there will even be a panel where you can bring your own specific questions.

In these tough economic times we are trying to do more with less money in our properties yet we are faced with hoarders, crime scene issues, etc. How do we handle these out of the ordinary situations?

Both police and specialists will be on hand to guide us through these challenges, while our screening company will bring you up to speed on ways to check the financial accountability of prospective tenants and keep you out of jeopardy.

Drew DeMasters, a nationally recognized apartment marketing expert, will give great tips to fill your vacancies and retain your paying tenants. His newest book will be previewed at the Expo.

Free Magic Demonstrations

Everyone enjoys the "sleight of hand" and we hope to have some magicians in attendance who will help us see that "There is Magic in the Air", this year's theme. This positive theme underscores our hope of an economic turnaround soon for you— our members.

This Expo is the largest in the state and will give you the opportunity to learn how to protect yourself and your assets.

Owners, investors, real estate agents, property management companies and managers will walk away from this show with hundreds of ideas to improve their business.

One of our members recently said to me that she had been a member since 1978 but had never attended the trade show. She asked me if she should go this year and what was it worth?

I told her that you cannot even calculate the tremendous value of the Expo but the cost is free! I hope for her (as for you) that you will take advantage of this spectacular resource.

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