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The key that many of us learned in our business careers over the years is that to be successful, to stay at the front of your industry and to keep ahead of your competition, you have to be constantly studying and learning. Many of the top organizations in our country are using this down time in the economy to sharpen their skills and upgrade the qualifications of their staff.

Your Apartment Association recognizes the need for you to stay competitive and is committed to providing you with the educational and training resources you need to be a winner. In this edition of your magazine you will learn about a complete schedule of all the classes and seminars that are offered. All of them focus on delivering practical skills in a minimal amount of time for an economical cost.

And now, as an added plus, you will have access to a whole new set of offerings— on-line training classes. These computer accessed classes will allow you to get your team up to speed without leaving your home or office. These valuable classes can be taken at a time that is convenient to you. No traveling, no missed appointments, no expensive tuition—it doesn't get any better than that!

Another way your Apartment Association is helping you protect your property from expensive and restrictive legislation is by becoming a founding member of the Golden State Housing Providers. This coalition of established apartment associations that covers an area from San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County and north through the Central Valley to the Bay Area.

The purpose of this group is to use its group strength and numbers to provide for greater coordination of the legislative efforts of the member associations, to influence public policy and to shape our legal and regulatory environment for the benefit of the rental housing industry.

The leaders of the member associations have met several times in Long Beach, Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles. We joined forces to conduct an effective Legislative Day in Sacramento. Your AACSC board members have devoted a lot of their personal time and effort to get this new rental housing industry organization up and running. We have seen the positive legislative impact of our combined efforts and the group is steadily gathering strength and momentum. This is evidenced by the number of onerous bills detrimental to our industry that have been blocked or significantly modified.

Now, here is a chance for you to get involved and to participate in your organization. We will be accepting member applications for positions on the Board of Directors and for some of the many committees. These committees concentrate on areas such as local and state legislation, education, membership and political action. Now is the time for you to find out more about your organization, to help improve your industry and to make a positive contribution to your community.

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