Thanksgiving and the Moment of Truth


Of all the months for elections to be held, we've decided on November, the absolute worst month for such a divisive act - not to mention disrupting our Thanksgiving, which is the best holiday. It's almost an oxymoron to put both in the same article, let alone sentence, but here we are trying to put a note about each in our magazine and articles.

Traditionally, we haven't done much in the way of putting out voter guides as it may "ruffle feathers," and I get that. But there is no reason I cannot tell people how I plan to vote, so that's what I am going to do here. And though I don't have the room to explain all the details, you can bet that concerning our industry, I've done my research (I hope you have, too) and have decided on the following (but you should always vote the way you think is right for you).

Proposition 1: Bonds to Fund Specified Housing Assistance Programs. SUPPORT

Proposition 2: Bonds to Fund Existing Housing Program for Individuals with Mental Illness. SUPPORT

Proposition 3:
Bonds to Fund Proj1ects for Water Supply and QuaJity, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and Storage. SUPPORT

Proposition 4: Bonds funding Construction at Hospitals Providing Children's Health Care.  SUPPORT

Proposition 5: Property Transfer Tax Changes. SUPPORT

Proposition 6: Eliminates Road Repair and Transportation Funding and Requires Electorate Approval for any Measure to Enact Certain Vehicle Fuel Taxes and Fees. I will SUPPORT, but you can bet they will go after something else next to raise taxes.

Proposition 8: State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Limits Charges for Patient Care. Too much wrong with this, so I will OPPOSE.

Proposition 10: Could repeal. the Costa-Hawkins housing safeguard. OPPOSE, OPPOSE, OPPOSE!

Measure W: Public Health and Safe, Clean Water Program. Too much wrong with this: I will OPPOSE.

Measure AAA: City Auditor's Authority. SUPPORT
Measure CCC: Ethics Commission. SUPPORT
Measure DOD: Citizen Redistricting Commission. SUPPORT
Measure WW: Hotel Workplace Requirements and Restrictions. Way too much wrong with this; I will OPPOSE.

As far as for which people I am voting for office, I typically like to see how Craig Huey breaks it down. His no~nonsense approach voter guide always helps to "cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda, and biased media coverage." Here, you will find breakdowns (or Governor, Statewide Offices, Legislatures, Judges, and more: la_ voter _guide_)

One word of caution: when you get to certain offices up for election and find that there are only two people running and they are from the same party, but not your party- make sure to do your research first.

Finally, Thanksgiving-food comas and aromas, family, fellowship, unplugging, unwinding, naps, relaxation, FOOTBALL and another nap.

Some info I dug up and would like to remind everyone about this fantastic holiday:

Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival and has been celebrated nationally since 1789. The event that Americans commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the "New World" in October 1621. This feast lasted three days and was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims.

Happy Thanksgiving, and get out the vote!

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