Trade Show… with a Side of Vote “NO!” on Prop 10

It is that time of year again—one of our favorite times at the AACSC—the Trade Show and Industry Awards Breakfast! There is nothing better than seeing the smiling faces of all those who have been nominated, along with those who have won awards in our industry. It is such a great time for coming together and finally being rewarded for (what mostly seems to be) a thankless job doing the hard work we do running the businesses of housing pro viders and managers. What a tough job it is and what talent, thought, and precision is needed to be successful in any of that.

So much goes into the education and training for these jobs, and it is fantastic to be able to award others, thank them, recognize them, and pat them on the back for so many jobs well done! I know I cannot wait, and I hope you feel the same. Let’s get everyone we can to the Trade Show to accept their awards and nominations as well as to look at updating and/or expanding the use of our masterful vendors and their updated technology, wisdom, and raw desire to help others. The NAA (National Apartment Association) our “Mothership” will also be sharing a booth with the AACSC and we could not be happier that they are stopping in for a visit.

Another thing we love about September is that it’s not November! Yes, the doom and gloom of getting out the vote and combatting the lies and/or myths of what we truly do, think, and wish to see in our industry. We often cringe at the bewildering and unchecked myths being promoted like, “evictions cause homelessness.” Not true—the lack of work/jobs causes lack of funds, which leads to foreclosures/evictions, and unpaid debts of all kinds, which then leads to homelessness. If a person who is working and making a decent wage receives a notice to move, other than being a major inconvenience (I abhor moving too), that doesn’t make them homeless—they can find a new place, which state law gives 30-60 days (more than plenty of time) to do so.

Simply put, as a great friend of the AACSC, Charles Del Campo says, “Homelessness isn’t a housing issue, it’s a jobs issue, and our politicians need to do what’s right to bring the better paying jobs here, and the lost ones back. Instead of using pity to promote a damaging, knee-jerk agenda, put pressure on the politicians to bring better paying jobs back.” I would go further to say that we also need to bring better life and job skills training to our schools and young ones, and we are wasting valuable time and money getting away from these sub jects by focusing on the very broken “fix” of rent control.

Consider this: If people don’t have money to eat, the government and our “feed the hungry” friends never petition/protest supermarkets demanding egg, milk, and produce control (at least they’re not given the time of day if they do). No—the government issues food stamps or EBT (“Electronic Benefit Transfer”) cards, or the Federal Government provides grants to states for food (like with WIC). Why not have an ERT (“Electronic Rent Transfer”) card where people are assisted in that way? If we had a Federal “RENT” and/or “ERT” card program in place the burden is shared (via taxes) and no one group is singled-out or punished; however, well-paying jobs backed by skilled training would be even better! Another great thing to consider about our supermarkets though, is that since there are so many of them they all must compete for business, thus driving prices down. Imagine that…

Housing providers are doing the right things to make our economy flourish and thrive in a free market and our elected officials need to work to do the same. We appreciate and congratulate the officials we have been speaking with who have really been attentive over the last year — truly hearing us out and understanding the consequences of pulling things like Costa-Hawkins off the books and further expanding rent control. The Long Beach City Council, along with our representatives in the State Legislature, have all been especially understanding on approaches for a fair and sustainable fix. This hasn’t moved for too long, but now the wheels are finally turning and eyes are opening to the solutions—and not price control or constant intervention. See you at the Trade Show … and remember: Vote “No!” on Prop 10!

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