A Revolutionary War, Freedom and Celebration


This year has proven, as we knew it would, to be a battleground against some of the very freedoms we fought for from 1775-1783: free markets, private property rights, and more.

As historian Forrest McDonald pointed out, “in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 James Madison, Gouverneur Morris, and others listed the protection of property rights as the primary reason for instituting government.” With the recent defeats we’ve been able to serve up, what better month than July to be able to take a moment to celebrate these wins—for property owners and renters alike!

So far, we’ve defeated the Long Beach rent control initiative for the 2018 ballot, along with statewide “housing killer” bills such as:

  • AB 2364 (just shy of complete destruction of the Ellis Act);
  • AB 2925—statewide “Just Cause Eviction”; and
  • AB 2343 (extending 3-day notice period to 10 days). Even though this will most likely move forward, it will be stripped before doing so, and instead of a 10-day notice period it seems it will remain 3-days; but we may have to exclude weekends and holidays in the notice period, so it appears we have met in the middle on this.

For these wins we have none other than you to congratulate! When we called upon you, you stepped up. With the donations of your time, finances and networking you really came together, pulled through, and dug up some huge wins for us all. We cannot be more thankful to you for this! Your action on our Red Alerts and other calls to action were tremendous and we are in awe at what has been accomplished so far.

Contrary to what the naysayers are preaching, this was not just a win for housing providers, but a win for renters as well.

These bills, if passed, would wind up hurting us all far more than helping any of us, and even though we are still doing what we can within the constraints of current law, it is not helping the housing situation much at all, or at least not fast enough. We have all been burdened with far too much red tape and restrictions and in order to fix this housing crisis, builders and housing providers need to be unleashed to be able to create more housing. That alone will make it more affordable just through supply and demand, but we too could certainly work out some great things with our legislators for more affordable housing plans. We are currently doing what we can with our lawmakers to make changes and come to agreements on what works best for all of us in this situation across the state.

Freedom is worth fighting for. The 4th of July—the birthday of our nation—is a battle that has really never ended. We have to be just as mindful of those who would take freedoms away from us who are inside our government just as we would be on the lookout for those outside of our country for the same.

I don’t believe that we have lawmakers who are purposefully trying to strip rights and hurt anyone or anything; we just need to keep everyone up to speed on the dangers of certain laws and the unintended consequences many restrictions can bring, which we have done a fantastic job of doing this year and our lawmakers have really listened to us.

We all love this country, but we all have to remain open and honest in order to get the best from each of us and to back down when we are wrong. We need to work together to look for and listen to better ideas—even from those who we may not be best buddies with or agree with politically; a great idea is a great idea no matter where it comes from.

We have great cause to celebrate this 4th of July.

Take a little time to reflect on who we are, why we are here, the ideas that brought us here, as well as how we can improve as citizens. Labor pains and growing pains are worth it because it brings new life and vigor, so let’s not give up the fight either.

We may have won these battles, but the war still rages and we need to continue our fight, so—just as you did already this year—we still need you, your time, and your resources and are requesting further donations. If you have not already responded to our latest donation request, do so now.

We have to keep up the momentum!

Our American story is one of the most fantastic stories and experiments this world has ever witnessed. Let’s continue to make it better and continue to fight for what’s right. Happy Birthday, America!

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