March 2018


I read a recent post that illustrated selflessness and acknowledged grace and empathy. A young person at a busy intersection in Long Beach got out of his car to help an elderly woman, who was in a wheelchair, finish her journey to the other side. The woman who posted about this event honked at the truck in front of her because they were not moving. She could not see around the truck but soon realized what the problem was the woman in the wheelchair was not able to quickly maneuver the street from one side to the other. She ended her story by saying that once the cars around this woman understood why no one was moving, everyone was patient and waited for the young man to assist the woman safely to the other side of the street. Needless to say they also had to wait for another green light. It struck me that if we all under stood and listened to both sides on the issue of rent control, just cause eviction and housing and reacted with under standing and patience, that more could be accomplished.

The current attack on the multifamily housing industry is completely unfair. Pinning owners/landlords as greedy is untrue and not an accurate picture of the owners/landlords that I know. The multifamily industry did not create the housing crisis, and there are many tenants whose owners are more like family, do not unfairly raise their rents and are empathetic to their circumstances. It appears that the sky is not falling when you listen.

To position fear in the place of logic and to respect everyone who is in this together would produce a much more thought-out approach. Is this concept of under standing so foreign that the only goal is to punish both owner and tenant? Someone must step up and say STOP to more sanctions, increased control that pushes one side more than the other. Unrealistic expectations will not solve the situation. There will be unintended consequences that we don’t currently understand, and acting on emotion and control are not the way to resolve this crisis. We must find a way to educate, inform and work together.

On another more important note, we just celebrated the installation of our 2018 President, Michael Pollack. Michael brings with him some great energy and his theme for the year is ENGAGEMENT. Engage on all fronts, engage on committees, engage in education and engage in our industry. We welcome and look forward to a great year. Congratulations Michael!

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