September 2017


Ijust have one question this month? When did the beginning of school change from the day AFTER Labor Day to the end of August? And in Northern California in some districts, school started the end of July. My kids are back in school and as I watched the partial eclipse pass overhead I am now waiting for the end of summer cool down to take the place of the hot summer days. I enjoyed summer this year and spent some wonderful days with my family at the beach, but as with most parents, I am glad to have them back in school. Before I move on though I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of you who once again prove to me that you actually read my article and respond to my requests. Why the thank you?

Because you have been talking to your fellow owners who are NOT members and sending them our way and we greatly appreciate it. Now keep it coming, keep talking and keep up the vigilance to fight our way, peacefully, to a place where our legislators and elected representatives really understand that Rent Control, Just Cause and any other form of control is not in the best interest for our industry or for our tenants.

Not only does any form of control fail to keep rents low, but did you know that almost 40 percent of costs are connected to maintenance fees? That is a staggering amount to consider but according to you, our members, this is the number that was shared with me. The rundown on these expenses includes interior, business related, exterior, landscape, regular maintenance, repairs andturnover expenses. It does not include the time it takes to fix and prepare for a new tenant, nor does it apply to any advertising expense. The average owner has between four to ten units and most rely on this as their retirement income. Hardly the lavish lifestyle our adversaries want to imply.

Next up, the Legislature recently returned from their summer break in August and AACSC is hearing that before the end of the year there will likely be an Affordable Housing bill that will be proposed. What that bill will look like should be seen shortly and we will more than likely be sending out a Red Alert for Action—so keep up with our weekly e-newsletter, The Beacon, and keep sending nonmember owners to us for membership.

On a more immediate front is the decision by our Los Angeles Supervisors to form a Task Force to study Affordable Housing and for staff to come back with some suggestions for solutions. We will keep you updated on this as well but needless to say, things are heating up and we need you to stay involved.

Finally, what a blast we had at our Annual Summer Social at the Hotel Maya. Great music, lots of fun and the food—yum, yum. Thank you to our sponsors who ALWAYS support our events. We look forward to seeing you September 28 at our Trade Show, and we hope you will join us for our Awards Breakfast, too. You don’t have to nominate someone to attend. Your attendance is a great way to support all of the staff members who support our industry. So start your day off with friends, show our employees how much you appreciate them and then enjoy a day at the Trade Show. Attend our free seminars and learn all about the new and innovative products and services available to you and our industry.

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