Disaster Preparedness, Cabinets, Sprinklers


Dear Maintenance Men:

I am aware of having a disaster preparedness kit for my family; however, what do I do for my apartment building?


Dear Jason,

A quick list of what should be in your family disaster preparedness kit: flashlight with batteries, canned goods, a gallon of water per person, a knife, meds, and blankets at a minimum. Now this works ok for a family, but may not be appropriate for an apartment building. The residents may very well shelter in place during a disaster and be fine. What may be in danger is your property! Start with a bit of preventive disaster maintenance.

1. Locate the main water shut-off valve and any minor shut-off valves. Make sure the valves are in working order. If they are gate valves, it might be time to upgrade them to ball valves. Old gate valves are notorious for breaking valve stems at the moment you need them to work.
2. Locate and clearly mark the main electrical panel.
3. Locate and mark the main sewer clean-out. Run a mainline snake or hydro jet at least once a year. (A Friday evening main back-up is a disaster.)

4. Locate and mark the main gas or fuel oil shut-off valve.

5. Write down and post this information in a public area of your apartment building, including emergency phone numbers and how to get a hold of management. Alternatively, post this information on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door in each rental unit.

Dear Maintenance Men:

I am starting my planning for a major kitchen cabinet remodeling project in my rental units. However, I am having a difficult time making material and design decisions. What recommendations can you give?


Dear Allen,

When doing a kitchen or bath material selection, cohesive and functional design is important. Kit chen and bath rehabs are some of the most expensive work you can do in an apartment unit and proper planning is a must. In order to appeal to a larger segment of the population, try to keep the interior color scheme to neutral earth tones. Cabinetry quality varies greatly. Don’t let the cabinet fronts fool you. Manufacturers designed their cabinets to look good at first glance. Keep in mind that being in a rental environment, the cabinets also need to hold up to abuse. Look at the actual construction of the cabinet box or frame. Keep in mind you do not need to use custom cabinets to fit your existing layout. The use of prefabricated modular cabinetry can greatly reduce the time and cost to have a finished kitchen or bathroom. Using real wood cabinet fronts with 3/8” plywood sides is essential for durability.

The drawer fronts and sides should be connected with a dovetail or other positive lock construction. Drawers that are held together by nails or cabinets built with par ticle board will not hold up to tenant abuse.

On a side note, if you are gutting the kitchen or bathroom, use this time to relocate and add more electrical outlets and under-cabinet lighting.

Dear Maintenance Men:

The weather is getting warmer and I have just finished rehabbing my building’s landscaping. When is it the best time to have my automatic sprinklers scheduled to turn-on?


Dear David:

According to landscape experts, the best time to turn on the sprinklers is between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. This allows the water time to soak in and then allows the sun to dry out the landscape to avoid rot and disease. That being said, we personally like our sprinklers to activate between 2:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. This time period is after the bars close and before the early birds leave for work. Avoiding resident interaction with working sprinklers lessens the chance of sprinkler heads being kicked or damaged. Also, most of the kids are still asleep and we all know how they love to run through your sprinklers, flowers, plants, etc. Adjust your sprinklers to not spray across sidewalks or onto parked cars. It is also a good idea to install your timer in a locked location or very high on an exterior wall.


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