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At a meeting I recently attended with Long Beach Mayor Garcia, he discussed the City’s study and recommendations for the production of affordable and workforce housing. Based on what he shared at that meeting, I am confident that the Mayor is on the right track; his study was filled with fantastic ideas that will go a long way toward solving some challenging housing issues if enacted. Some highlights include: dedicating City resources to support the production of affordable and workforce housing; providing regulatory relief and more rapid entitlement procedures; offering first-time home buyer programs; allowing and incentivizing the use of shipping container construction for housing; approving the use of micro units; supporting the development of accessory dwelling units; and reducing parking requirements for affordable housing projects near transit. Noticeably absent from this report was any language related to negative concepts like rent control or REAP.

While the Mayor cannot speak for every member of the City Council, I can assure you he understands that ideas like rent control and REAP don’t work and have never worked—anywhere. I urge you to be supportive of these recommendations. They will benefit everyone.

I am planning to step up the efforts by AACSC to promote education as a key benefit of membership. We as landlords are missing opportunities and losing a substantial amount of income simply because we are not as knowledgeable about our business as we should be.

Have you ever watched an episode of Judge Judy where she is hearing a landlord/tenant case? I’ve watched a few, and the only time the landlord loses is if he or she did something dumb like forget to take pictures of a tenant-damaged unit, neglect to document repair costs, fail to have a required form signed, or fail to document the resolution of a dispute. It kills me. They lose easily winnable cases because of their lack of professionalism due to a lack of education.

Let’s never forget that owning rental property isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a business like any other. You have income, expenses, regulations, emergencies, etc. Don’t expect to wing it and be successful. You need to know your business just like an accountant, realtor, doctor, plumber or just about anyone trying to run a business. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose everything. No member of this Association should ever lose because they didn’t know how to do things right.

That’s my mission! I also think education can be used in other advantageous ways. For example: why don’t we negotiate a deal with the City of Long Beach where you take classes in exchange for a longer period between PRHIP inspections? Are you starting to see how education can pay off? We’re just getting started.

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