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As I stepped into my new office in September of 2013, I began to look...
We honor Nancy Ahlswede who passed away December 14, 2016.  Nancy...

Duringer-Legal Corner

by Stephen C. Duringer, Esq.
Q: Please help! I have an issue with one of my neighbors regarding the fence that separates our two properties. Never had a problem before—when the fence needed repairs, one or both of us would simply...

President's Message

by Steve Schiro
Greetings from the front lines. The legislative front that is. The California Legislature has introduced almost 3,000 bills this year, and 150 of them will affect the rental housing industry. The assaults...

Washington Update

by Greg Brown
Tax reform is front and center on the congressional agenda, and there is a real chance it will become law this year. The last comprehensive tax reform legislation was the...

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