Latest News

by Gary DeLong
This November, Californians will have the chance to go to the polls...
On Friday, June 1, the local Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance...

Duringer-Legal Corner

by Stephen C. Duringer, Esq.
Q: I just closed escrow on a small building and I’m trying to figure out who’s who. I received the rental agreements, but the tenant information seems incomplete. The applications, the few that I’ve...

President's Message

by Michael A. Brennan
It seems like yesterday we were all at the Annual Holiday Party/Toy Drive enjoying ourselves and discussing what 2019 might bring and here we are in February already. A lot has taken place in the last...

Washington Update

by Greg Brown
Tax reform is front and center on the congressional agenda, and there is a real chance it will become law this year. The last comprehensive tax reform legislation was the...

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